Monday, June 24, 2013

BAM - Another Parliament

The latest newest newest new parliament has been dissolved and there is now a "one man (actually "person") one vote" law.  I agree with the law.  I think that's what it should be.  However, the way the governorates/voting districts are divided/populated does give an advantage to pro-Government voters and it could be that Kuwait will later look into re-division.

So... Here's what I don't get....

If there is what some call an unfair advantage, why would the opposition want to boycott yet another parliamentary election?  What is the point in that?  They will never be able to affect change in anything.  They will never be able to table this issue because ... hey... they're not there.

Isn't this kind of cutting off your nose to spite your face?

So far, the news has been kind of sketchy about boycott on or boycott off.  I don't think anyone thought this far.  Yup, the word "planning" isn't very popular around these parts.  I'm trying to keep up with the Kuwaiti news (no, not the newspapers or TV, but "Telephone, telefax, tell-a-Kuwaiti." - the best way to keep informed here).

Whutup, Kuwait?


Anonymous said...

The opposition is not going to boycott the election - they will all run. It is a common tactic of the opposition. I think they think that they are clever and are fooling the public, but actually they are not, you should understand that, I think this country would be better off without a Parliament. The 1 vote initiative was the only wise decision that I have ever seen the Kuwaitis make during my time here, it worked well for the country, but as usual they have to cause their own problems and take 10 steps backwards. It's hot, its Ramadan and 5.2B will be spent on travelling this summer with 60% of the country leaving - the voter turnout will be low this time around with little interest from the people that should be interested.

Desert Girl said...

They boycotted last election and I have heard from many sources that they are still mulling over if they should boycott this election or not.

I think you're right that the voter turnout is going to be crap.

If Kuwait would loosen up (live) a little, not so much of that travel money would be spent outside of Kuwait. Maybe people would want to stay in their own country. Alas, it is almost too late for Kuwait now, isn't it? Doesn't seem like it will ever catch up - even to the rest of the Gulf. Sad.

Anonymous said...

As I stated in my comment (Anon 8:47) the eople that matter due not want to come back from their vacations, it's hot, it's Ramadan and they realize the turn-out will be low, embarrassingly low.

This validates your comment that they need to learn to stay in their country and build the country that they want, instead of running overseas all the time leaving behind a stagnated economy with little development. At some point someone will need to care, and hopefully I will live that long to see that happen, but it is not on the horizon - the planes are booked and the airport can no longer handle the passenger levels.

Desert Girl said...

Dear Anonymous 11:55,

I had to re-structure your comment a little to save my ass (it's soooo cute. Not an ass that should be in a jail cell....). That one word would put me in a whole world of hurt, so I took a little editorial license with it. I hope that is ok with you.

Here is what 11:55 had to say:

The law wasn't merely 'changed'. The election law was changed when it wasn't necessary at all. Democracy doesn't work w/o separation of powers. The other thing, this system isn't "one man-one vote" they've been peddling; where it's one voter one seat one candidate. The new law is some crazy shit that doesn't work- The only other country who uses it: Jordan-where u vote for a single candidate out of 10. With rampant vote buying in elections Kuwait's been seeing all you need is enough money to win your seat. It's also ridiculously anti-political organization which is the backbone of any democratic system. Anyway, the boycott isn't just about parliament anymore. It's about not giving legitimacy to a fake democracy. If we're a one-man show then let's act like it. And the ex-MP "opposition" is boycotting almost 100%; so I have no idea what your commenters are talking about.