Monday, June 10, 2013

Once again - I missed one of the biggest parties EVAH: Honda Alghanim Launch

It was unfortunate that I found out about Alghanim's Honda launch party held last night  at the skating rink on such short notice.  I had made plans to travel to Dubai, so I couldn't make it. 

I received an invitation as a blogger that started out:  "Dear beloved blogger, I'm  the Digital Account Manager for Honda Kuwait ...."  So nice to be thought of every now and then by kind people in marketing.  Mr. W is from a marketing firm that I did business with a looooong time ago, Impact & Echo.  They do good work.  This marketing tactic was no exception.  I am just sorry that I received the invitation so late otherwise I could have done a better job at promoting them (and planning to go to the party and see my fav singer).  

I LOVE Hussein Jasmi. He has such a unique voice and I really enjoy his music.  He sings "Wagif" and I lose it. :)  Fat or thin, I'm a fan.  Some people you can look at and their "light"/personality just shows through.  I believe that he is one of those genuinely nice guys.

La Senza went and said it was phenominal.  She loves Jasmi more than I do (one of those crazed fans).  I was sure that she had received an invitation too; and she had.  She just wasn't planning to go as it was yet another product launch.  Then I told her who would be there. 

(Photo Credit:  La Senza)

Other performances last night included Asimo robot show,  The visual symphony show,  The Kuwaiti “3arda,” the Japanese “Taiko” show and more.  I am REALLY sorry that I missed it.  (Just remember me later for other shows, Mr. W, and I promise to help you promote.

I have a feeling that Alghanim is going to do an outstanding job at marketing Honda.  Honda should be doing much better in the market than they are.  They have a good, safe, reasonably priced product and there should be more of them on the road.  I've owned one, as well as many of the members of my family.

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