Monday, June 24, 2013

Super Moon

How do you feel about changing your Facebook status under the relationship section?  A friend of mine got married a few years ago and all our mutual friends were giving him grief because he hadn’t changed his relationship to “married.”  So, I thought about changing my relationship status and I actually did – for about an hour – until my friend, Auditgirl,  started sending me frantic messages, “What are you DOING?!  How many times have I told you that there are bad people out there with hot eyes?!  Take it down!”, followed by her usual, “Are you mad at me, habibti?”  She’s so sweet and well-intentioned ... and right.  So I immediately took it down. 

Mr. Clean was so happy to see our new status (Mashallah Mashallah) publicized that he called me to thank me.  Slow your roll, baby, not yet.  Too many hot eyes.

I don’t know how much I can say on the blog now without jinxing myself and my relationship.  I’ll just keep the details under wraps for a while.

I haven’t felt like leaving my house lately (toooo freakin hot!)  in my free time, so rather than poppin in a work-out DVD (Hip Hop Abs is still my favourite – Sean T!!!), I’ve started baking.  Yeah, that’s right.  Me.  I made the fam a big box of assorted cookies the week before Mr. Clean got back to Kuwait:  Brownies, coconut-chocolate (“Eagle brand magic cookies” – look them up, soooo good), apricot Czech cookies, and Toll House.  I ran out of butter by the time I got to the Toll House and had to substitute Greek yogurt – which actually went over better than the ones I made with butter.  I really didn’t sample much myself, believe it or not.  It was just a time-filler.
I know – fasssssscinating, right?  Yeah.  Ok.  Snore.

Last night, we drove down to the Saudi border to see Super Moon.  I’ve been getting all these stupid Instagram and Twitter and Facebook messages advertising/glorifying Super Moon.  SUPER MOON!!!  How could I miss that event?  So, we went for a drive out of the city.  Just kept driving.  I had never been down that road before (290 in Nuwaiseeb).  I recognized the mosque because that's where Bunny's Maxima ended up something like 4 months after they stole it from outside his house. We ended up driving up on the fence that divides Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  It is a long, chain link fence with barbed wire on the top.  If anybody ever wanted to infiltrate Saudi Arabia (or Kuwait), it would not be difficult.  It was kind of cool because it was yet another piece of Kuwait that I hadn’t explored before.  There are two (what appear to be) gate houses on either side of the road.  Someone has written in Arabic, “Djinnis live here.”  Mr. Clean is so superstitious that he starts with the “owwwdibillah”s.  I giggle and wish I had my laser pointer to really freak him out.    I want to go back there during the day and take photos (maybe not too close to the fence – I don’t know if that’s allowed).  There were also some cool-looking chalets down there; one in particular with a tower that was all lit up.  Kind of out of place on the landscape, but very cool.  So were the gerbils running across the road and into the desert.  I loves me some gerbils.

Anyhoo, so with the exception of people driving like hywanat (animals) as usual during this time of the month, no one would even have noted that it was a full moon.  It wasn’t that exceptional.  Just another full moon.  Maybe a little brighter, but ... eh... not so much.  At least I had a lovely drive with Mr. Clean and a nice talk.

Stella and my Irish Cousin are here visiting.  I love it when they’re around.  We’re such a happy mixed-bag family.  I lie in bed in the morning thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t get out of bed and then think, ‘Oh (expletive).  Stella is here.  (She’s still my boss.)  I better get my (expletive) out of bed and go to work pronto.’ And then when I finally do get my (expletive) up and go to the kitchen where she has always got a pot of coffee ready for me (because she’s a Type A and rises at Dawn’s crack), she looks at me and says, “Do we really have to go to work?”  Gotta love it. 


Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well for you and Mr. Clean :) Love love love your posts, DG. Please do keep blogging!

Desert Girl said...

Thank you, Anonymous 8:57. I needed a little pick-me-up this morning and your comment is most appreciated. Sending positive energy back at you today!