Monday, June 10, 2013

Kuwait: Scary Movie

Reprint from The Arab Times
Current situation of expats in Kuwait similar to scary movie ‘Phenomenon’ instills fear

KUWAIT CITY, June 9: It is similar to a scary movie if we describe the current situation of the expatriates living in Kuwait. Like all countries, Kuwait has the right to reduce the number of foreign workers or rather get rid of expatriates, but the question is why foreigners are not given the chance to leave the country. For instance, singles could be given three months and six months for those with families since their children could be in school at the time of deportation, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Expatriates who have come to Kuwait to work and earn a living fully realize that almighty God exists and He alone makes provisions (sustenance) whether in Kuwait or in any other country.

Sustenance or rather the daily bread is a blessing from the skies, which corroborates the words of Allah in Qu’ran chapter 51 verse 20, which states “And in the heavens is your provisions and whatever you are promised”.

Amid the ongoing security campaigns conducted by personnel of the Interior Ministry pursuing expatriates who have violated residency and labor laws-with the recent active campaigns against traffic violators, there is another phenomenon that has become visible in terms of infringement against human rights which, to say the least, instills fear in the hearts of expatriates working here in Kuwait.

According to report, an Asian expatriate wearing clothes that are usually for indoors had come out to throw garbage in front of his home. He was arrested by police and taken to deportation center, even though the Asian was screaming on top of his voice he holds valid residence visa. Three days later, he called his wife and family telling them he had arrived in India.

In another incident, groups of expatriate workers who left their vehicles at a place in Farwaniya for the purpose of selling them were rounded up by officers of the Interior Ministry who accused them of illegal gathering. They were deported.

Also, a policeman entered a public transport (bus) to check the passengers for valid residence permits and discovered one of the passengers was holding a driving license. The officer collected the license and cut it into two and destroyed it, notwithstanding the victim could have boarded the bus after taking his car to the garage for maintenance.

Another expatriate doctor in his car with his wife were demanded to prove they are married due to the fact that the wife’s residency was under a company’s name and not the doctor’s.

Elsewhere, the personal car of one expatriate was impounded while he was accompanying his ailing father to the hospital. According to the police, the car which is 2010 model was producing smoke, so the expatriate was forced to board a taxi to take his elderly father to hospital.

I have heard from Indian friends that they have started random checks of civil IDs which have included children. And that children are being deported to "next flight out." Meaning that children with no ID outside their homes from one city in India may be dropped off in another city. Without money or family or clothing.

I heard that a woman walked downstairs in her night clothes to take her child out to school transportation (without her civil ID).  She was immediately deported.

Is this rumor? Is it true?
If it is true, where are the international organizations????

And how about this:  Instead of ruining the lives of innocents, how about bi-annual amnesty periods where people are allowed to LEAVE?  Many people actually want to, but can't.  Let them go if you want people out of your country.  Seems simple, right?

.... I seem to recall stories of Iraqis doing similar things to Kuwaitis in 1990-91... the victims become the victimizers....

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