Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kuwaiti Serial Rapist Arrested

Arab Times, 26 June

Kuwaiti Nabbed For Raping Many ‘Home Alone’ Women


Police have arrested a Kuwaiti criminal for sneaking into the homes of women and raping them after ensuring there was no male in the house, reports Al-Rai daily.  The arrest came after several Kuwaitis filed complaints with the Salwa Police Station accusing the man of sneaking into their homes and raping their wives.  The victims are believed to be three Kuwaitis, a Syrian and a Briton. They identified the suspect from pictures shown by police. After the man was taken into custody police records showed he was wanted by law in connection with drugs cases.

Anywhere else in the world, they would be stressing the severity of the crime and that it was committed by a SERIAL RAPIST (that means, in a series of similar crimes).  They write the article as matter-of-factly as it was about someone breaking into homes and stealing satellite dishes.  WTF!  

If someone were committing similar violent crimes in the same neighborhood, why wouldn't the police publicize it to warn others?  (Well okay... it took them months of child rapes before they publicized the Hawalli Monster cases...)   FIVE women were raped IN THEIR HOMES in SALWA.  Why does this country continue to take major violent crimes against women as if they are something inconsequential and minor?  

And this is very poorly written.  Who cares if there were no males in the house?  The women could have been single or elderly or whatever.  They were home invasions and rapes.  Did it matter to the story that "several Kuwaitis filed complaints"?  Wow.  "Complaints".   It makes it sound as if there is a noise disturbance.  Who cares what nationality of people filed the cases?  Does it make a difference that they were Kuwaiti?  What if they had been any other nationality?  


Anonymous said...

Im sure if an expat had committed such an act he would on death row by now but since a local has commited the crime ..m sure he will not be punished severly claiming he is mental disturbed bla blah...the same excuse they make 4 any local who committs a crime...i hope and pray that these women get justice soon

Desert Girl said...

According to a statement made by a top ranking official just this month, "Kuwaitis are the most law abiding citizens in the World."

American Girl said...

It would be interesting to see some accurate statistics on crimes committed by locals as compared to expats in Kuwait. Wonder whatever happened to the young Kuwaiti couple who beat their maid half to death then finished the job by running over her body several times after dumping her in the desert? I never heard a follow up on that one.

But you're right, DG, heinous crimes are reported on as if it were a weather report. A serial rapist should be 'breaking news' and followed by warnings to everyone living in the area. Newspapers and news stations should provide updated coverage as well as final outcomes regarding criminal cases. they should share with the public what actually happens to a criminal instead of treating their crime like an article for the entertainment section.

Desert Girl said...

This story was given about as much importance as something in the entertainment section - buried in the back of the paper.

I wonder what happened to that couple too. Hope they're on death row.

Desert Girl said...

I'm not going to post flippant comments making a joke of rape. If you would like to try again with more respect, feel free.

NYC Expat said...

I don't necessarily think that the tone of the report has anything to do with it being a crime against women. The reality is that most English language news reports in Kuwait are just poorly written, with most reading like a basic press release -- whether they are reporting an expat laborer crush to death in a construction site or a Kuwaiti stabbing his brother (or sister) to death.