Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Laundry Service on a Mobile App

I freakin LOVE it when someone comes up with a totally new business concept in Kuwait.  This one is great.

People ask me all the time - from an Expat's perspective - what a good business idea would be for Kuwait; something different.  I have to really focus on that question sometimes because the market is almost saturated with just about every type of business.

Sidenote:  15 years ago a Kuwaiti entrepreneur friend asked me this question and I said, 'Open a business that is pet-related.  Big profits.' He laughed at me and told me that Kuwaitis don't like pets.  Who is laughing now - all the way to the bank?  Way to go, PetZone (pioneers), Royal Pet, Pet Planet... etc etc etc.

So now, for something new....  Along come these guys.

Masbagti is a mobile phone app that lets you alert them to pick up and delivery of your laundry.   I know from friends with laundry services in Kuwait that the industry is suffering.  Prices are low - especially if you have a laundry in an out-of the way area.  Customers don't have the time (or patience) to drive to a laundry.  This new concept would allow laundry services throughout Kuwait to partner with Masbagti and have them do all their marketing and orders.  Awesome.  It is like a Talabat type of concept.

I haven't tried them yet and I am hoping that nothing gets lost in translation when trying to place an order. Also hoping that their prices are good.  However, in theory, I think it is fabulous.  For them as business owners, it is low/no overhead and they will make a good profit taking a margin on their partners' work.  For the laundries, it is a win/win as they have the additional revenue from the work that is being promoted by someone else.

Check them out:

Website:  http://www.masbagti.com/

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