Monday, April 18, 2016

Bilbayt - Online Catering Service

I loved the Talabat concept when it first came about and I promoted the F out of it to restaurant owner friends (they're all on board now).

This seems like my week for promoting new (to me anyways) online services.

I've been here for many moons and ordering catering is usually a major pain in the butt.  I hated having to call around (or worse - get in my car and GO places to get catering menus).  Most of the time, I was met with, "Maafi Engleeeesi." (no English).  RRRR.  Frustrating and time-consuming.

Today, I saw these guys' ad on Facebook.  Nice format.  In English.  Lots of selections.  It's called, "Bilbayt" or "at home".  It gives you the option of ordering a variety of foods/themes from a variety of caterers.
Wish these guys were around when I had my big apartment.

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