Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Royal Kennel, Kuwait

This is Royal Kennel in Kabd. It belongs to my friend, Yasser. I had the pleasure of a tour the other day and I am thoroughly impressed. 

The dome shaped objects in the background of the video are dog houses that open into grassed pens for play time. The indoor kennels are tiled, clean, and air conditioned. Their services include daily walks, daycare, socialization and dog training and they have a large staff of compassionate helpers.

I took Mikey and he got to play/socialize with one of Yasser's sassier female German Shepherds.  He had a great time and was finally worn out when I got home.

Indoor Kennel

Visitor Area

See @royal.kennel.q8 for more details, photos and videos.  Make sure to book in advance of your summer vacation. Phone 6969 6929

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