Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brutal Sex Attack on European Woman in Spanish Villas, Salwa Block 10‏ - Update

Rape bid foiled – ‘Could not resist’
Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, May 18: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested a former Kuwaiti criminal for breaking into the apartment of a 38-year-old Bulgarian woman in Salwa and attempting to rape her, reports Al-Anba daily.

The arrest came after the victim filed a complaint with the Salwa Police Station accusing an unidentified person of breaking into her apartment armed with a knife, tearing off her clothes and attempting to rape her. However, he ran for his life after the woman screamed for help.

Investigations conducted by security men led to the arrest of the suspect. During interrogation he said he could not resist the woman because he saw her standing in the balcony of her home wearing see through clothes.

The complainant picked the suspect from a police legal line-up.


"Former Kuwaiti Criminal" - I'm sorry, but isn't attempted rape a crime also?  Maybe they meant, "A Kuwaiti who had committed past crimes."  Wonder what his previous record was?  Hmmmm.

And "... standing in the balcony of her home wearing see through clothes?"  Emmmm... Spanish Villas... You have to park your car, walk through an outside gate, through the complex, look around corners, pick your target....  It wasn't as if he was just waltzing down the street in Salwa, looked over at a temptress in transparent lingerie, and decided "Gee, I can't resist that.  I'm going to rape her."  yeah.  Good times.

Bulgarian girlfriend must be a strong cookie!  Good for her. It is humiliating enough to have to walk into ANY police station anywhere.  But then you have a language barrier.  And people staring at you with accusing eyes.  It just is NOT comfortable.  She probably just prevented future rapes.  You go, girl!  Thank you from your sisterhood community (the ones who choose to stand WITH her not against her.  Have you seen some of the ridiculous comments on Facebook made by WOMEN?  Where is the unity?  Sheeeeet - obviously they have no clue.)


Mimi said...

Oh, as if I wasn't mad enough already about how no one came to her help, this article is just infuriating. Its like they're suggesting that she was asking for it by wearing see-through clothing. Gosh!

Mimi said...

I went to University in India and this is sure bringing back memories of a lot of bad experiences I had. Its as if men have the right to do anything just because you're wearing a red lipstick or tight jeans (This is back when I had a figure.. lol)

The language barrier is a problem too. Got into a small car accident last week and though the policemen spoke perfectly good English, they were insisting that my side of the story was verbally spoken to them in Arabic. And get this, I couldn't just call in someone from work to translate my story. It had to be someone of my same nationality! What!?

I hope the woman didn't face any problems while filing a report.

michelle hill said...

Thank you for standing with her,and writing about it. I am still stunned (though I shouldn't be) in this day, no matter what country, that we are STILL victim blaming. Im tired of it and so angry. I want more people to be enraged. Ive been a rape crisis counselor for nearly 2 decades and ive barely seen the needle move regarding this discriminatory attitude. Sadened