Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

(Photo:  American Bedu Blog, KSA)

This past weekend, I was at the family's having lunch on Valentine's Day.  Clean/Dirty was there.  Just seeing him makes me unhappy.  He's so fake and such a user.  Fake smile.  Fake laugh.  Fake OTT sincerity.  Empty words.    I wish he wasn't around for lunch (yeah ok - it IS his house, but still - go away).  Everybody gets quiet when he walks in the room, as if they are taking sides with me and then suddenly get busted.  We don't laugh as much when he's there.  Yeah,  just go away and nurse his hangover or his latest bimbo-internet-soft-porn-girlfriend.  Ick.

His birthday was last week.  I have no reason to give him the time of day;  a gift would be far far from anything I would do for him.  I did, however, bring his dad a little gift last week - just because; I wasn't even thinking in terms of Dirty's birthday; didn't care, didn't remember.  Dirty sent me an SMS the next day saying, "Where is MY gift?  It was my birthday!"  So I retaliated with, "Valentine's day is this coming Friday. Where is MY gift?"  He's always trying to get something for nothing.  We're not even together!  He doesn't even like me - say nothing about respecting me!

So, at lunch this week, Valentine's Day, he went out of his way to tell me that it is not religiously correct for him to practice the day.  Oh really?  So the same logic must apply to his birthday in that case, n'est pas?  BAM.  'I'm sorry, but I must respect your religious beliefs so a birthday or any other gift is out of the question.' A-hole.  He uses religion when it suits his purposes.  I guess dating and drinking is ok, right?  Oh and having webcam sex with someone you think is a girl, but later turns out to be a guy is ok too, right?  I pray for you, bless your God-fearing heart!

He was being OTT nice to me (thinking that I would bring his birthday gift when I go to the US this week). Not.  He asked me again about helping him get his visa to the States. (He must have done something really bad or come off as arrogant as he is during his first interview because they said, "Try again next time."  HA!)

... and then his sister told me that she thinks he wants to go to the States because he has a girlfriend there; most likely met over the internet and he wants to go and test the water "try before  you buy" before moving forward with her.  And HE wants me to help him?  F that!  Get internet Barbie to help you.  Yeh.  He's got a lot of balls to pull that with me.  Again - trying to get something for nothing.

I finally met one of his older sisters at lunch on Friday.  She's very very pretty (Mashallah).  I think she might have been a little surprised that I know so much about Islam.  Fascinating.  I guess no one talked about me to her.  Her jaw dropped when I went to leave and put on my abaya and shayla (Bedouin family, Bedouin neighborhood; I respect the family.  The head gear comes off on the highway on the way back from the house.)  Like the mom told me, "He is lucky to have met you.  He may meet someone else (I think they were referring to an American or Western girl), but someone else may not have respected us as much and worn tight jeans or something."

Anyhoo...  Good luck, buddy.  I pray for you. (Lyrics - love that song!)

 (Look what happens at the end:  #17 is my house number in Kuwait! HA!)

Other than that little episode, I had a fan-tabulous weekend with friends.  I can't remember when I've had so much fun.  I returned from Dubai on Thursday, changed clothes, and went to the desert.  Hmood's girlfriend is such a sweet person and gave me a teddy bear, a rose, and a gift (yep - romantic gifts - all from a girl.  And that was it for Valentine's Day.  Maybe next year... sniffle).    Friday night was with the Messila Gang; a lot of dancing and laughing.  Yesterday, back to the camp and had a brief romantic moment with someone I didn't expect to feel romantic about (no, not my goat, Paco!)  Dude makes me laugh all the time.  That's the best place to be:  laughing and happy.  Love shouldn't make you feel like crap, but like you are giggling your way on an orbit around the Earth.  Yuppers.

So, I leave for the States again this week to see my American fam.  I needed a sanity break.  Dubai wasn't meant to be a pleasure trip cause I had work to do, but it turned out to be very relaxing, hangin with Stella and walking around Dubai Marina.  (I was good and I didn't buy shoes this time....)

I met some really nice people in the airport on the way home.  That's another story.  God sends you angels all the time if  you take a minute to notice the signs.


Desert Girl said...

Dear Anonymous:

(Please refer to my policy on non-publishing of hate mail on the opening page.)

The process for getting a visa to the US is simple as long as you know how to complete it online through the Embassy's website. It takes approximately 90 minutes and is approximately 26 pages long with quite a few questions. It isn't rocket science, but for most non-English speakers, it isn't terribly easy either.

I know it must have taken you a very long time to write to me(so many big words to look up in the dictionary!) and I sincerely appreciate your effort. Bless your heart for your wonderful heart-felt comments. I'm praying for you, honey. I hope God gets you over your hostility for others soon. All of that anger just eats you up inside like a cancer. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I remember my 1st US Visa experience, it was amazing. Since we didn't (still) have a nanny or a maid, my wife and I took our Daughter Sarah (3 Years back then) with us to the embassy. The Lady attending the window for the interview adored Sarah so much that chatted with her and little with us. She admired my wife's head scarf and thought it was neat.

At the end of Visa formalities; and just before leaving the hall, we said goodbye to the lovely lady. In return, she used the public mic to say bye Sarah :-).

As it was L1 work Visa, I was expecting to take longer than usual. Yet, I got in a week with a clearness date stamped just 3 days after applying.

That lovely Lady represented the Americans very well; very respectful.

Enjoy DG your life, and just be the person you are 24/7.