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PetSpa - Animal Care: Part 2

I posted earlier about the grand opening of PetSpa in Shaab.  The GM, Lee Williams, sent me a generic blogger invite (get 'em every once in a while) which I responded to (just cause I was in the mood for a nanosecond and slightly energetic.  It mighta been the day after I had my B12 shot).   Anyhoo, Lee is VERY good at PR and invited me to check out the spa and learn about their services.  I'm so glad he sent me the e-mail because this has opened up doors for me.  I've been hearing about Animal Care for years, but I have never checked them out (why did God make me so lazy? There's a reason for everything, right?  hmmmmm....)

(Grand Opening of PetSpa Shaab)

Lee's invitation for grooming was for both dogs. At the same time.  EEEEK!  I was reluctant to have both of my dogs in the car at the same time, but it worked out really well.  They were quiet and well-behaved (probably thinking, "OMG!  What is she doing NOW?!  Why are we BOTH here?")  I could smell the fear. Fear is good.  It means they won't be ripping out the interior of the car - or worse - each other.

Desert Dawg and Mikey still aren't getting along (although it is getting better).  Now they seem to be working together against me; barking at each other just when I'm relaxed on the sofa. Peeing in unison on the floor.  Finding a hidden place to poo when I'm not looking (AND the door to the terrace is OPEN!  Whyyyyyyyyy???)  Mike is now big enough to jump onto my high bed - and push DD off with one bat of his gigantic paw.  That is her Supreme Territory and not allowed.

Back to my story (sorry - I digress....)

So, finding PetSpa is a no-brainer:  Fahaheel Expressway (30) towards Kuwait City, the 1st Shaab exit, then bang a right and it is down about a block on the right.  You can't miss the sign.

PetSpa does grooming at this location, but I am finding out more and more about their services; and I'll write more later about it because I'm thrilled by their pet-friendly education philosophy and overall caring for animals in Kuwait.  I need to actually sit down and talk to them about it all; it was a bit much trying to take it all in with the wolves in tow.

I was very impressed.  Smiles all around when I walked in the door (unlike a few other places I won't mention where the receptionists refuse to make eye contact, acknowledge your presence, or look up from their busy work.  Am I invisible??)   Not at PetSpa.  I swear, it was like walking into a daycare facility (yeah yeah, I know - I don't have kids, but I have dropped my nephew off many times when he was little).  Smiling faces, colors, murals on the wall.    And - you don't have to drive 45 minutes to get there or worry about your dog catching Parvo from something that just walked in from the horrible Friday Market. I noticed immediately how clean the shop is.  Everything was shiny new and they were disinfecting the grooming tables when I walked in.  It smelled clean. You can see the grooming tables from the reception area through a glass wall.  It is a happy place. They also have a little shop where they sell food, toys, and items like leashes and collars (I'm going to have to talk to them about ordering some of those LED leashes and collars - too cool.)

Both the groomers that I met that day are European:  VERY nice ladies and (get this) professional.  Oooo saaaaaa - refreshing!    The head groomer is British and we had a nice chat about why Mikey's skin is dry.  I didn't know that you have to cure internally.  I was thinking I could grab some doggy conditioner or oatmeal shampoo and bam, but no.  She said that even the more expensive dog foods on the market don't have the oils essential to keep dog's skin moisturized here and she recommended putting a little olive oil in his food.   She said fish oil would work too.Huh.  Who knew?  He'll probably love it.  Good to know cause I just plunked down 30kd for a 50lb bag of chow that's making Mike itch and keeping me up all night. Greeeeat.

My 2 wolves took a few hours total to groom (I had lunch with a friend in the meantime until they called me).  Mikey came out with a "boy bandana" on (which he ate in the car on the way home); and Desert Dawg had a pretty pink ribbon in her hair.  I've NEVER been able to get a bow in her hair in the past 17 years that wasn't out in 2.5 nanoseconds, but this bow stayed in for a few days.  Cool.  She looked so preeeety.  I love how they did her little bangs ("fringe" in Briddish!)

I was really happy with the outcome for both dogs.  .... And I totally forgot to tell them not to put on the puppy perfume that other groomers often add.  DD is extremely allergic.  They didn't put any perfume on at all which is probably in keeping with their natural product philosophy.

When it was all done, I got a card with the services they had received on it and 2 follow up e-mails (one from each dog) with before and after photos.  They were so cute - as if the e-mails were written by my little monsters (only in Briddish rather than American English, addressed to "Dear Mummy."  Oh well, my mother always wanted children with a British accent, so maybe now she is getting them with her grand children.  Ha ha.).  Check out the e-mail I got "from Mike":

"OK Mum,

You are soooo right the spa isn’t just for Girls its cool for boys to, I love my new super soft shiny coat and cant wait to show it off to all my friends.

I promise to be a good boy and keep myself clean.




Sadly, I know Mike didn't write it, however, because we both know he'll never promise to keep himself clean.  Aint gonna happen.  I thought it was SUCH a cute touch, though.  Loved it!

PetSpa also has a mobile grooming van.  Joseph (who j'adore!) who was formerly at IVH works in the van.  He's really good - and loves animals, so he's gentle.

They also have a mobile vet van which I will learn more about later and post about.  Photo courtesy of some other blog I "borrowed" it from...

Like a parent with legitimate concern for their children's well-being,  I take the selection of schools for my dogs very very seriously.  I'm not going to leave them in the care of just anyone.  I was REALLY impressed to know that PetSpa/PetCare's South African behaviorist, Gill (Gillian Pirow), will come to your home for an assessment; to educate not only the dog, but the owner (the Dog Whisperer always says how important this is).  I have an appointment with Jill to stop by and assess Mikey for obedience school this summer.  Lee tells me that Gill has brought a new level of sophistication to Kuwait in terms of dog training (force free training).  I was very concerned about stories (past and present) I have heard from people about supposed "dog training" in Kuwait (often located in Kabd which immediately makes me nervous).  One friend's dog went "missing" and I later discovered that the man she left it to train had been involved in dog fighting.  Another friend's dog "mysteriously died" while in the care of an obedience school (and his body was not,  returned leading to speculation).  I've also heard stories of well-reputed obedience schools in Kuwait that use physical punishment as a way to train the dogs. I am already fascinated by PetSpa's approach and  I can't wait to learn more.

I'll keep you posted as I'm going to write about PetSpa/Animal Care in a mini-series - now that I have "discovered them".  I think it is important as many of my readers are pet-owners and I get a lot of questions from people.

Go get your pet groomed there.  Seriously worth a visit.

Shaab Phones:  5001-5757 / 5001 5858 / 5001 5959
(They also have locations in Rai and Mahboula)

More on PetSpa and Animal Care:  (Note that their website needs work, but they may have done that on purpose - I dunno.  The most informative page is their facebook page. and they are also on Twitter for notifications at AnimalCareKuwai)


AG said...

Love this review and so glad you had a great experience. Definitely a place for us to keep in mind for the future.

As for the dry skin, you may also want to try a tablespoon of plain yogurt everyday. We use it regularly to keep everyone's enzymes in check. Also, a raw meat diet works wonders for their skin.

Your babies are adorable! Really nice to see more qualified pet services popping up in Kuwait.

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