Sunday, February 09, 2014

Have a Sexy Kuwait Valentine's Day with this!

Disclaimer:  Ok, the owner of this bakery might be a little upset that I used that as a title, but I do this with good intentions:  Honestly, it gets me much more traffic having anything with "sex" and "Kuwait" in the title than anything else I could possibly do.  

Still looking for the "sexy" part?  Yeh, ya pervs!  Sexy cakes.  
After all, who doesn't get turned on by.... CAKE!  yeah.


I have a bunch of guy friends and I never know what to get them as gifts, so baked goods are always a good idea.  I was searching on for "male-appropriate" gift items.  It is a hard call to find something that is even slightly masculine and that they might actually enjoy.  Yes, I've sent flowers before, but that can get some giggles in the office, so I try not to offend/embarrass (unless it is on purpose and then it is just purple ALL the way).

I placed 2 orders from CRUMBS Bakery through  I chose them purely for aesthetic reasons:  they made a nice presentation and the baked goods looked like they could be gender-appropriate. I sent one box as a thank-you gift to a friend at the US Embassy (and dude please - any time you want to invite me back, it has been a YEAR now.  I sent BAKED GOODS!); and the other to a friend who had a birthday recently (an assortment of cake balls in a nice box).

Following my last order, I got THE most professional response from CRUMBS that I've ever had anywhere.  Now, this was the type of "how did we do?" note that I would send if I owned a business.  It was sincere and showed that they really cared.  I sent her back a note thanking her for the effort she extended through the e-mail; and  that I was embarrassed because I've never actually tried their offerings before, but I ordered due to the reasons I mentioned above.  What happened next (unsolicited because you know me - I don't do that) made my whole week:  She sent me a "Love Box" (first photo above - it is about a 12" square box maybe 5" deep) and a little bouquet of pink roses.  Awwwwwwwwwww.  (Why aren't men like this???)  What an incredibly kind thing to do!

I am now singin' their praises, my friends.  Not only pretty, but really really delicious.  It was melt-in-your-mouth kind of quality.  (I'm so used to getting dried-out, flavorless sweets that these really rocked my world!)  I highly recommend them.  Professional, respectful, considerate, sincere - AND with outstanding, well-presented, FRESH, and well- prepared products.

Readers!  Please feel free to send me more of these.  I was forced to share the first box with friends, so I have a legitimate excuse for "needing" more!  Yummmm.

All in time for Valentine's Day (This Friday - February 14)! takes credit card orders.  Go for it!

The gift box the sent me (first photo above)  is called Love Gift Box and it's KD20. KD1 charge for delivery.

Y'alls can order through 965flowers if you prefer online payment (and you can also add items like cards, flowers, teddy bears, and balloons). Otherwise you can order directly by calling or sending an email.

Contact details:

Shaab Sea Side Tel: 2263-6614 or 5527-8627
Fintas Tel: 2390-8421 or 5010-8886
twitter & instagram @ilovecrumbs

Orders are only by calling or email to

(You can just call them and tell them to send to "Desert Girl" and they will know where to deliver.  I have made it SOOOOOOOOOOOO easy for you!)

Make your loved-people happy this Valentine's Day.  Life is too short not to miss milestones and little moments. Time passes so quickly, my friends.  Moments are too precious to waste.  Doooooooo it!


Anonymous said...

Last week-end I went on a wild goose chase for anything ‘Valentine’s Day’ in Kuwait. I started at the Sultan, of course, because normally that is the go-to place for Western items and yep I found Valentine’s Day candy after passing some fresh strawberries in the produce department which one could dip in chocolate if you felt that enterprising. (I did notice that the Egyptian imported strawberries were a lot cheaper than the locally grown Kuwaiti strawberries that did not have a labeled sign and only knew they were Kuwaiti because I asked the produce clerk) What did they think that people would not buy them if they were appropriately labeled and not imported and why are they more expensive? Again, Kuwait shoots itself in the foot! Anyway, I decided to wander upstairs in my quest for anything Valentine’s Day in a country that systematically reviles the holiday every year in the local paper as anti-Islam, in a country where Valentine’s Day items fly off the shelves year after year and planes are booked to neighboring Dubai for romantic getaways in truly 5 star hotels. I even got annoyed with Bath and Body when they had no red candles for Valentine’s Day; at least I found a few pairs of Valentine’s Day heart underwear hidden in the drawer at Victoria Secret. Upstairs I did find a ‘secret’ Valentines section, but at least they had one, albeit, the poor selection. I guess I will have to fly to Dubai this week-end to continue my quest at ease! But this shop is refreshing, a good business sense finally, yes Kuwait, holiday marketing sells. Their presentation is nice and their Valentine’s Day product line looks great. Thanks for the promo, DG! And yes, hope you get some nice gifts from your loved ones, hopefully from Crumbs. Spread the love!

AG said...

We used to buy 3 kilos of assorted Crumbs cake balls for Friday lunch at least once a month and they were a favorite with everyone. I always found desserts there to be a bit dry and lacking that rich sweetness. Crumbs never disappointed; always moist, rich, deliciousness!

You MUST get more!

I miss Fridays :(

Anonymous said...

PERFECT timing. OH just arrived in Kuwait & wanted to send something for his birthday/valentines. Had no idea where to find a reliable company to deliver in Kuwait from overseas!! Thank you!!

Desert Girl said...

Glad I could help! :)

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely give it a try!!! *YumYum*
Thank you DG for the tip. Mwah!
Mademoiselle H

KuwaitBites said...

Thanks....was just looking for a gift I could buy for the kids AND the hubs...appreciated!

Desert Girl said...

You are all very welcome. I am sure that you'll love them. Send me your reviews once you've received the orders.

Alex Mammootil said...

Thanks for showing Crumbs. I'll check it out during the holidays.

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