Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day "Gift"

I’ve written about this before.  He was the love of my life.  I met him when I was 15. He was 19.  He changed my world the day I saw his face.  He changed my world again the day I learned he was dead (many years later on Valentine’s Day).

The night before (years ago this very day), he came to me in a dream.  We were sitting in a garden in DC.  He held my hand as he told me that the days he spent with me were the happiest days in his life.  It has turned out to be the best gift he could have given me on any day:  A parting gift that has remained embedded with me as if it was yesterday. His gift.  Who gets that? 

This year, I got another gift from Helen DaVita, the medium lady who came to visit Kuwait.   You can read about my experience with her on my post, “My visit with a lovely medium.”  She helped me understand the real circumstances surrounding his death – and also reminded me facts about his life that I had forgotten.  I, like many others, thank her for giving us some peace of mind; and for reaffirming what I already knew:

Shamlan is around me.  I feel him there sometimes.  I'm always thinking about him and remember him in little ways - always on Valentine's Day.  Yeah, it is bitter-sweet, but I still see that powerful, life-altering,  never-ending kind of love to be a tremendous blessing.  It is timeless and ageless. Valentine's Day is just a reminder of that.

--- I'm back in Dubai this February 13 and I'm feeling more surrounded by him than ever.  He's here.  This is his place.  I'm glad to be close today.


Expat and the City said...

He's so handsome. Happy Valentine's Day DG and enjoy your time in Dubai with your sweet memories of Shamlan. <3

Anonymous said...

love NEVER dies at the transition we call 'death'
there will be etheric tears when you make that transition
.....and dahm that boy is good looking, a face to wake up next to for sure