Saturday, February 15, 2014

Permits? We don't need no stinkin' permits!

Arab Times
11 February 2014
‘Stopping Citizens, Expats At Checkpoints Is Illegal’Legal Permit Must: Judges, Lawyers

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: A number of judges and attorneys have agreed on the illegality of the inspection of citizens and expatriates in the security checkpoints without obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution.
They then advised the public not to allow security men to inspect them or their vehicles if the officers will not present the permit, reports Al- Jarida daily.

A judge specialized in penal cases said Article 31 of the Constitution prohibits the arrest or detention of anyone, as well as the restriction of his freedom or home confinement, if the action is not in line with the law.
He clarified the legislator wants to protect freedom of the individual and his rights from the oppression of public authorities, as well as anything related to his private life, unless a legal permit is obtained.

Accordingly, it is not allowed to inspect any person, his vehicle or his accommodation except in two cases; the first is after getting permission from the Public Prosecution or General Investigation Department and second, if the person is caught red-handed.

- End -

In the US, it is called, "Illegal search and seizure."  I've always heard here that the police can not just search your vehicle.  YOU must allow them to enter and you can refuse if you want.  If the officer insists, lock your doors/windows and call 112 and ask for a higher ranking officer to assist.  Tell them that there is no permit from the Public Prosecution and the officers won't let you go without a search.  

I have also heard (and I don't know if it true or not) that some unscrupulous officers have planted items in people's cars because, if they reach their quotas, they get time off work or incentives.  So, be careful out there.  Don't just let anyone who asks (with a badge or not) into your vehicle.

In Kuwait, like anywhere else, you should know your rights.

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