Monday, April 29, 2013

Update on: Western Employees on Arifjan Sue for Labor Benefits and Win

Original post HERE.  See AmericanGirlsWorld Blog post on this subject HERE

The below is outstanding information from American Girl's World blog.  I hope some of my readers will find it useful as well, as I am often asked these types of questions.

Keven L. Barnes says:
April 29, 2013 at 12:49 pm

I work closely with Dr. Al Enezi’s law firm and he is working a number of these cases against Primes who, with the blessing of Camp Arifjan Contracting Officers and Lawyers have allowed the False Claims Act violations to go unaddressed in the form of debarments and suspension of companies who are violating the United States Government Prime contract DFAR regulation 252.7002 LOCAL LABOR LAWS apply.

What applies to Rock Island and Camp Arifjan are RICCO Racketeering laws against conspiracies, fraud, and theft of workers on such a scale as been happening to Americans, British, Australian, and other Western Expats, let alone the Third-Country nationals.

When you have the Department of Justice not investigating racketeering, fraud, the violation of the Competition in Contracting Act, and now Labor violations that date back 8 years – we have ourselves a racketeering that involves the DoD IG and FBI. Who is going to investigate and report to our Congress members the ongoing violations of the Terms and Conditions of the Prime contracts not enforced by Contracting Officers who were given an SF1402 and only have an 8th grade education. I would fully expect that the Lawyers who I believe have a much higher education degree than any Army Contracting officer would realize the difference between defending criminals and upholding the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Kuwait Labor Laws. They apparently have blurred the lines between defense and law. The Kuwait Labor Law applies to all VISA 18 in the passport holders. Visa 14 cannot work – PERIOD and Camp Arifjan has 100 plus violations of that statute alone at any one time.

Call Dr. Al Enezi or write me and I we will discuss your prime contract and its terms about Local Labor Law. All those who had their local labor rights in Kuwait violated should see a Qui Tam lawyer and bring the appropriate lawsuits against these Prime Contractors and file a claim against the Army and the individual contracting officer until finally – there just are no Contracting Officers who violate the Kuwait Labor Laws. Haul them into Kuwait courts. They leave the base, so they can be served papers to appear. ONLY then and investigation into the racketeering of Camp Arifjan and why it appears year after year in the Department of Justice’s report to Congress dating back to 2005 and MAJ JOHN COCKERHAM, MAJ PRESSLEY, and the other Camp Arifjan criminal elements who have joined the long list of 28 kickback artists. will be a portal to capture this other criminal activity of Camp Arifjan.

Good Luck with your cases and don’t forget to take the win to an American attorney to recover damages in the United States system.


Anonymous said...

Would you like to follow this article with this one?


Your good friend you never post comments from said...

How did the US Army hurt you personally. You don't ever comment on that. I find your reporting of events to be very slanted against the United States. You don't report the whole truth. I want to know why you are so affected by this. It reeks of an axe to grind. But, I am sure you aren't big enough to say it, but I just thought I would give you the chance. Have you ever thought of giving up your nationalality?

Desert Girl said...

Wow "Your Friend" -

You seem like YOU have a little axe to grind, don't cha? Tell me, dear, what IS the "whole truth"? Why does one person's perspective disturb you, as a reader, this much? You can always choose not to read.

There are other blogs (Ms. Sparky, for example)and mediums (Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle, New York Times and others...)reporting similar stories. Have you asked them if they would ever consider giving up their nationalities?

I find your lack of tolerance intriguing.

I'm a seeker of justice. What I see in the US military contracting business as a standard in THIS region would never be accepted nor tolerated in the US. The US Army has never done anything for nor against me. I support our Government and our military - as long as they practice what they preach and abide by the laws that are in place. Unfortunately, I personally have not seen that always to be the case.

When I CAN assist others (Americans in this case) in obtaining their LEGAL RIGHTS under the law (as within this article) by the dissemination of pertenant LEGAL information, I will.

If you have a problem with the law of either the United States of America or the local laws (in this case Kuwait) where they are working, My little blog really isn't the venue to vent your frustration. It is certainly not appropriate for name-calling and insinuations.

Thanks for dropping by, bless your heart.

Desert Girl said...


(Said because I can say it because it's my blog. Tee hee, giggle, giggle.)

American Girl said...

Since when does doing the right thing equal hate? And when did enforcing legal practices mean you no longer want to be an American?

Maybe 'your good friend' has gotten so accustomed to mediocrity as an acceptable practice, and wasta always being the answer, but it doesn't make it right.

Expat and the City said...

Damn DG! Your good friend sucks! Hahahaha! Give up your nationality? You're Miss America and British Bridget Jones all wrapped up in one pretty package. ;)

You are very supportive of the US troops and of Americans in general. Not to mention the hundreds of emails you answer every week from the blog. You receive nothing in return for helping so many of us expats out in Kuwait. I think you deserve a United States diplomatic passport. :P

Me again... said...

So American Girl.. You say Wasta isn't right? (I am with you on that, by the way)... Then what about this?

"Obtaining a permit to have music even at a private party is a royal PITA. I've never tried to obtain one for a concert, so I can only imagine how difficult it would be. We wanted to get a guy to play oud once at a hotel venue and I needed wastah even for that."

I guess it's ok when it suits our own purpose...

American Girl said...

Well, 'Me Again', I wasn't the one seeking a permit, but I think the point that statement made was how SAD it is you need wasta just for something as small as a music permit.

Had the statement referred to using wasta to get a US Contract, hire people illegally, and refuse to follow the Kuwait Labor Law I could see where there would be a bit of hypocrisy taking place.

Are you seriously comparing a music permit to violating the Kuwait Labor Law? And am I really having to explain the difference? Oh dear. Anyone ever accuse you of being a 'genius'?