Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goat Cheese: How much it meant to me

So, since the Very Scary Night earlier this month, I have been too embarassed to go to visit Bu Khalaf and our friends.  I felt awful having to call him that night and so I thought I would wait.  I guess I waited too long. 

I think Bu Khalaf knew how I felt.  He is a gentle giant, who much prefers the company of nature, his sheep and his goats, to humans.  He takes a very quiet approach to handling problems - which is probaby why he has so many friends who would do just about anything for him.  He's a no-nonsense, no-drama guy; very practical and analytical.  Salt-of-the-Earth kind of guy. 

Last night, he called me.  In the almost-17 years since I've been here, Bu Khalaf has never come to see me at my house.  He's always very inviting, but never once invited himself to my house.  He's a little religious and extremely respectful.  When he called, he said he wanted to come over because he wanted to give me cheese he just made that morning.  He makes cheese and buttermilk and other things from his goats and sheep.  The cheese tastes wonderful with the fresh tomatoes he grows. 

I knew it wasn't about the cheese.  He sat down and asked me what had happened.  I told him. He asked me one question that seemed to really bother him, "Were you afraid?"  I told him I was.  He got very quiet.  Looked at the floor.  That was it.   He told me to come to his farm because they miss me.

Then we walked outside onto my terrace before he left and he explained how I should care for all the plants that I have. 

Some people just have a calming demeanor; an energy that makes things simply fall into place. He came and got me to pull me back into the herd.  He didn't even have to say very much; just a few questions.  And handed me goat cheese.  And I felt so much better.

I guess I didn't realize how strongly The Big Scary Night affected me.  I was harboring a little depression (but it was a combination of events that just vaporized when I got back).  Extremely bad acquaintances have gone away and have been replaced by extremely kind people (and kind gestures from a few random strangers).

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Anonymous said...

I have read this post a few times, i really like the title but what i enjoy the most is the content. Hope for many bu khalafs around you and also om khalafs, people that you can call friends in the deep and true meaning of the word.