Thursday, April 04, 2013

Kuwait Sex

... Now that I have everybody's attention, my birthday is April 16.  Just thought I would mention that in passing.  I'll be 29.

Here's what I would like:
  • My mother to live forever
  • A mini pony
  • Donations to K'SPATH
  • World Peace
  • An end to the Bedoon situation in Kuwait
  • To be remembered in your prayers.

... I got everything else covered 'cause I'm blessed.

I took Stella to the airport this morning.  Sniffle.  She had been staying with me for the past few days, as she had packed up her Kuwait apartment and she was getting ready to move to Dubai. Thank God, our business owner talked her out of moving to her retirement villa in Florida (for another year).  She's got a very cool-sounding place in Dubai where she and my Irish Cousin will be chillin.  I have my own room (I hope its PINK!).  I'll be there a lot soon.  Woo hoo.  (Double Decker Pub, here we come!!!)

I don't like life here without Stella.  Yeah, so like we'll still be working together and all that, but she's been my friend, buddy, and Guardian of my Sanity for the past 2.something years.  She's got more integrity than any other people I know - with the exceptions of my mother and my sister.  I never thought anyone could compare to those 2, but I have found that in Stella.  I am so glad that I have had the HONOR of working with her and getting to be her friend.  She's been a mentor, a friend, and someone I can truly rely on to give me sound, grounded advice from the heart.  She's got an intuition about her that cuts right through the bullshit and gets down to the core.  (I've received some very good advice from her this past week which has allowed me to see my recent problems with more clarity.)

In the past year, Stella's got her groove back and I'm glad that I've been a witness to that:  She bought a home in Florida, she got married to my Irish Cousin (a man who I admire to no end), and she has made some life decisions that have (I think) made her a happier person.

I'm not just saying all this because it is bonus time, either. (Crackin myself up!)   I mean it.  Some people come into your life and you just know that God sent them to inspire you to greater things.  She and Irish lift me up. They are quality people; the kind that you want in your life for the long run.

I shoulda thrown them a big party, but they're not that kind of folk and I think it probably would have embarrassed them.   

Stella, I miss you already. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for me while you lived in Kuwait.  You have been a gift.  I hope you will have a wonderful adventure/next step of your journey in Dubai.  Get that tequila ready for me - I'll be there soon!

Ok, back to our previously-scheduled programming:

Did I mention that my birthday is April 16th?  Yeah, that's right....

I'm going to be in Virginia with the family because:
  • New Years Eve SUCKED
  • Valentines Day SUCKED
  • National and Liberation Days SUCKED
  •  Even the Day I Got my New Car SUCKED
and I'm not going to ALLOW my birthday to suck.  The Haters can just KMA on a dirty day.  I'm flying to have fun.  Bada BING.

(Have you pervs read down this far and come to the realization that this post has nothing at all to do with Kuwaiti sex?  HA!  No pictures?  Awwwwww, poor you!  Yala blow up my hit counter!)



naresh said...

I love the end part.
Your humor sense is AMAZING.

ek girl said...

Happy bday to u,my best frend shares the same bday nd i wish luck n happiness to u both

Traveler said...

If you get to the end of the day and it is not living up to expectations -- give me a call I will fix that.

Expat and the City said...

Not sure how I ended up on your blog after searching for Kuwait Sex (Google) but Happy Birthday DG!!! Loool! ;)

Have fun in America but leave some Tequila for the rest of us...xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Stay Blessed and keep sharing lovely thoughts.

Desert Girl said...

Over 2000 views and counting!!!

Desert Girl said...

2351 views as of today.

Desert Girl said...

3287 hits as of today. This is the most-frequented blog post I have.

Sssssuckers! (So to speak!) ha.