Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doggie Daycare Kuwait

I have been looking for a service like this because recently, I have been having some work done in my house and I have been looking for someone who could take care of Desert Dawg during the day ( now that I no longer have the same reliable friend who had been watching her for years).

I haven't used there services yet, but I like the way they responded to my inquiry and I like what they have to say on their website:  www.doggiedaycarekuwait.com

I have to have Desert Dawg's booster shots updated.  It is required by ddc (they keep it lower case and out of respect - props! - I will too).   I'm reluctant to get boosters because she's never in the company of other dogs and has an allergic reaction every time I have her shots done.  At her tender, bitchy,  elderly age (112 in human years or 16 in actual years), I try to limit trauma every way I can.

They do grooming and the pet-sitting services sound wonderful.  They also pick up and deliver.  Woo hooo.

So anyhooser, check them out.  I've posted their link to the right of my screen.


Niesh said...

great post delivery in kuwait

Momma's British Baby said...

I've used them. I like them. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but within minutes - literally - my shy dog was playing and running like he hadn't in years. I love it and will be back to purchase visits. The more you buy the more you save. I mean really, 5KD a day for my baby to be happy? Priceless. Thanks ddc!

~Satisfied in Salmiya

Desert Girl said...

Doggy Daycare people are my new best friends. I really really like them and I haven't even brought my dog there yet. Can't wait for Desert Dawg's first Doggy Daycare play date!