Monday, April 29, 2013

Another blessed day

It's a beautiful day in Kuwait.  It isn't often that you get to experience these kinds of clouds here. I love it when I see them.

On my way to work this morning

Another blessed day.  Yup.  There used to be a security guy at Arifjan (don't know if he's still there - haven't seen him recently).  He worked the front check point.  Whenever anyone asked how he was, he would answer with a smile, "I'm blessed.  How are you?"  What a great attitude.  That's the kind of positivity I'm trying to adopt.  I mean - wouldya just look at that sky?  What a pretty sight.

A came over last night and I cooked him steaks.

Sidebar:  I still haven't figured out a proper nickname for "A" yet - it hasn't come to me.  I don't mean this disrespectfully to A or anyone else, but blog nicknames have to come to me the same way they would when I would name a pet.  If it doesn't stick, it doesn't work.  It took me about a month to come up with Desert Dawg's name, Lilli Putian.  She's white like a lily and small and human-like like someone from Lilliput.  I call her "Lilli" for short.  Pithy, n'est pas?

Anyhooser, the steaks weren't as good as I thought they were going to be.  Not my fault.  I think sometimes it is the luck of the draw at the butcher.  I go to a guy behind the City Center in Salmiya who is usually very good. Not this time.  Too tough.  That's ok.  I have enough veggies for an endless parade of salad.  I'm also juicing so much fruit that it is coming out of my ears.  It's all good.  It's all healthy.

Next week, it is Dubai and hotel and restaurant food for 10 days (the "tox" diet rather than the "detox").  I'm going for work, but Stella will be there so it's like a party. Woo hoo.  I went a little crazy in the States with the sales.  Not my fault:  They were there, so was I.  It was kismit. I came back with about 7 dresses that I'm saving to wear on the trip. 

The only problem is that my legs are torn up by mosquitos.  It looks like I was in a car accident.  (Maybe I can use that as an excuse - little chards of glass everywhere.  People will pity me.)   Hey - is anybody out there reading this a salon person with make-up stuff that covers scars/injuries?  Serious - I need some recommendations.   I'm allergic to mosquito bites.  It aint pretty.  You wouldn't think there would be mosquitos in Kuwait, but if you live in an area where there is a lot of foliage (or have a terrace with potted plants like I do), you are in for it.  They're like little Apache helicopters coming in for the attack.

I also found a tick on Desert Dawg for the first time in her little doggy life of 16 years.  A tick.  I didn't even think there were ticks in Kuwait.  Ew.  Ticks and spiders:  NOT my thing.  I can't even talk about cockroaches.  Look - I'm breaking out in a sweat right now...  ok, enough of that.  Just shoot me, it's better and less disturbing to me. 

Something completely different....
So I was sitting in Strands (shout out to ma girlzzzz!  No, they are not paying me.  I just like them a lot and highly recommend them.  Awesome logo, BTW) getting the Shellac manicure taken off that I got in the States.  Holy crap - that stuff lasts forever and you can't burn it off; it must be removed by trained professionals with pressure guns (ok, acetone, cotton balls and tin foil).  Anyhow... so there I was getting my nails undone and I'm listening to a conversation of two very nice British (I think, maybe Irish, but not too much of Irish accent.  Could they be Welch?  Dunno.)  ladies.  I chimed in, in my usual nosy/intrusive way.  We were talking about driving in Kuwait and other funny topics.  I don't think they have been in Kuwait very long. 

Sometimes I wonder who reads the blog.  I don't want to sound conceited by blurting out, "Hey, do you read my blog?  Did anything on there help you or did you find it useful?"  Sometimes thats what I want to interject.  Because sometimes I wonder.  I hope I help the newbies.  I wonder because I know I have one follower (stalker) but beyond that - does anybody read this crap?  Really - what I had for dinner last night?  You want to read about that?  I thought I was pathetic for writing this stuff, but do people read it?  Hmmmmmm....

While I'm randomly promoting stuff, let me send a shout out to Soor Center, where you pathetic stalkers can get help.  You don't need me.  I'm not a therapist.  They are.  [They did not pay me to promote them, although if you are reading this, Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa (who I admire very much.  Have you been working out?), I could use therapy coupons.  Thanks.]

Quite obviously, too much Turkish coffee this morning...

Y'alls have a blessed day, ya hear?


Jewaira said...

Great to come back and read your blog every now and then. Comforting ;-)

Seattle said...

I love reading your blog! I have been "stalking" your blog for about a year now. I will be moving to Kuwait next year, and your blog has given me an idea of what to expect. Keep blogging Desert Girl.

Desert Girl said...

Jewaira - where have you been, girl?! I've missed you. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Seattle - What a lovely comment! thank you for making my day.

Jacqui said...

I've been reading your blog since the beginning really and I do enjoy it, it's like a chapter in Bridget Jone's Diary hehehe but not really. So keep on writing really I sometimes live vicariously through you! :P

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for about 8 months. Its awesome! Cracks me up, I feel like I know Becuz I talk about your stuff to everyone....Im a lonely Cali Girl.

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog when I got serious with my ex-fiance (Kuwaiti), moved to Kuwait for four months, came back to finish a degree, broke things off, and now mostly read it for amusement/to see what's changing in Kuwait from an American's perspective because my bestie is Kuwaiti (kids, don't date your friends' brothers, even if you really, really want to be sisters)...I really enjoy the perspective, and much of it came in handy when I was overseas...I am naturally inclined to write, but, out of respect for him and his family, I don't feel comfortable writing my own stories. Thank you for giving some things a voice, and for all the dead on accurate advice. :) soupprincess