Sunday, March 03, 2013


There's a lot in the news about a man in Florida who was sleeping peacefully at home in his bedroom when a sinkhole swallowed him whole.  They haven't found his body and now they are demolishing his house.  (link to CNN story here.)

This is a sinkhole that appeared after heavy rains this past week on Fahaheel Expressway at Wafra Road, Khiran.  The photo was taken before there was an accident (I later heard that someone died, but couldn't confirm it).  When I arrived at about midnight, the police had closed most of the road except for one lane and there was a wrecked car at the side of the road.  The very next day, the hole was fixed and it was like nothing had ever taken place.

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Anonymous said...

So how did you spend your Kuwait National Day holiday? Camping?