Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Law on Music Concerts in Kuwait

Obtaining a permit to have music even at a private party is a royal PITA.  I've never tried to obtain one for a concert, so I can only imagine how difficult it would be.  We wanted to get a guy to play oud once at a hotel venue and I needed wastah even for that.  Pathetic.  And the MOI often sends concert monitors to ensure that no one is dancing. 

Kuwait used to be a leader in the arts in the Middle East before all the conservatives set about to destroy it.  I am seeing some real talent coming up recently and I hope that they will be allowed to CREATE in Kuwait.

Finally, someone with the right attitude in Parliament (see below)!  Using the law to change the balance.... This is exactly what MPs in the past could have done to counteract some of the "foreign influences"/conservative policies used by lawmakers of previous parliaments.    I don't know anything about MP Al-Fadhl, but I'm liking him a whole lot today! 

Arab Times Today:

MP Nabil Al-Fadhl queried the Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah on the reasons why a 2004 ministerial decision, that sets stringent conditions on music concerts, has not yet been abolished.

Al-Fadhl said the decision violates Article 14 of the Constitution, which states that “the State shall promote science, letters, and the arts and encourage scientific research therein”, as well as Article 30, which states that “personal liberty is guaranteed”.


Traveler said...

Kewl. If you got a tamborine, I think I could get the band back together!

Dibs on the dark haried groupies with sexy eyes!

Anonymous said...

They really need to get with the program, because this anti-music/dancing policy does not reflect this nation at all. Kuwaitis are viewed in neighboring GCC countries as being very modern and open people. Let's face it, they get off the plane in Dubai with polo shirts and orange puma's - they're not viewed as conservative as the rest of the GCC.

Crazy in Kuwait said...

Ahhh yes I remember visiting in 2003 and going to the Kuwait Miami concert held in the ice skating rink. OMG it was sooo much fun even with the security telling us to sit down. I didn't know there was a law preventing them however I did wonder why they never had any more after that. Did they need a permit for that ice skating show held a couple months back? There was a woman in tights spreading her legs wide hanging from a ring....... Just sayin'

American Girl said...

My friend Mohammed is doing a Persian Night concert tomorrow night along with other musicians. He's a brilliant musician and plays several instruments with ease. I've even encouraged him to apply to Juilliard, fully believing he could be accepted. Unfortunately, his talent is wasted in Kuwait. And though his family was always supportive during his studies, he feels even finding a wife could be hindered because he's not an Engineer. Crazy!

If you happen to attend the concert tomorrow night, snatch him up and give him a hug for me. I'm really sad I won't be there to watch him perform.