Monday, February 18, 2013

Cheetah Attack in Kuwait

This from my friend, Areej, on Facebook:

 Cheetah attacks a group of 7 Kuwaiti men.

Today i found in Al Rai about cheeta attack at 7 guys. The complete scene has printed in Arabic but this is what I got that at Muttala (Desert) 7 Kuwaiti guys were enjoying BBQ around 10pm and then one cheetah invaded in the tent to join their BBQ, one of them was wounded badly but in a moment all guys escaped the tent and hid in their car.

For complete Arabic version

One commenter said:   "I read that the guys that got into the car started chasing the Cheetah and then the guy that owned it started yelling at them that was his Cheetah I said he was hunting with it..."

I think they should put the owner in jail.    Usually what happens in Mutlaa stays in Mutlaa....  
(I better call my friends to make sure it wasn't their camp that got attacked.  Dayum...)

These animals are wild and have the instincts of wild animals.  You will never be able to domesticate them.  It is genetic.  Keeping wild game cats as pets is just unnatural and WRONG.

Has anyone heard anything?


Anonymous said...

Lawyer Girl said...

Actually, funnily enough, cheetahs have been domesticated as pets and hunting companions since the Egyptian Pharoahs at least. They're quite closely related to dogs (and cats, and they can whistle like birds). There's not a single recorded instance of a cheetah in the wild attacking a human, but in captivity, or with a sub par owner... like a dog, they may turn on you. I'd rather see the owner prosecuted and the cheetah sent to a breeding programme for these magnificent and rare creatures.

NYC Expat said...

LMAO! A cheetah and Kuwaiti men... nothing could be funnier or more apt!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true but most likely this one wasnt used for hunting since there is no animals that can be hunted using a cheetah, hope the best for the poor animal and hope people get more concious about it.

LWDLIK said...

LOL what happens in Mutlaa stays in Mutlaa.. Love it!