Monday, February 13, 2012

Why are some companies so unprofessional?

Bien sur, I don't limit my question to Kuwait - it's just that I'm here and I'm frustrated.

I'm trying to find a catering company for an upcoming Kuwaiti wedding for around 400 people.  I've contacted several of the largest catering companies in Kuwait.  1) their e-mails bounce back. They are returned. One has a website that is permanently down.   So, I call.  2) No one answers the phone, the mailbox is full;  There is no other alternative to contact them. 

Why are they so stupid?  How much business are they losing?  Me, customer, will just move on to the next catering company.

Million dollar airport;  25 cent control tower.

Want the business?  Send me your quotations.  I'm looking for typical Kuwaiti wedding menus and want 3 options (low, medium, and high).  The wedding isn't until September.  Yala, impress me.

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Kuwaitis said...

Still after 19 years the internet in Kuwait and companies don't give that much attention to it! they create a cheap 100 KD website just to say we have website, the rest sucks?