Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Justice for Asria Samad Abdul's horrific murder

In July of 2010, I posted about a horrific murder committed by a couple here in Kuwait who ran their maid over with their car. They were both just sentenced to death.   See my original post HERE.

I commend the authorities for taking the stance of equal punishment for all under the law.  I also commend decent, compassionate people like lawyer, Sheikha Fawziya, for taking up the cause of  a poor guest worker to her country.  God bless you for your kindness and tenacity.

Arab Times
21 February, 2012

KUWAIT: The Criminal Court sentenced a Kuwaiti couple to death yesterday after they were convicted of the first degree murder of their Filipina housemaid. “This sentence is a testimony of justice and in line with all religious canons that call for punishment of criminals,” said the victim’s lawyer Sheikha Fawziya Al-Sabah in her first public statement following the court’s ruling.

In mid-July 2010, 34-year-old Asria Samad Abdul was tortured by her employers before being run over several times by a car. After their arrest, the couple confessed they mistreated the maid daily and when they feared she would die, they took her to an uninhabited area in Kabd and crushed her to death under their vehicle to give an impression that it was a hit-and-run accident. Police later found out that the couple had earlier mistreated several other housemaids.

Sheikha Fawziya said she would demand for a “large financial compensation for the victim’s children who became orphaned as a result of this misfortune”. “The victim came to Kuwait looking for a better life, but her fate led her to two criminals who murdered her and disposed her body in the desert for no crime she committed,” she said. The lawyer stressed she will continue representing the victim’s children in the case until they obtain the compensation she is demanding for. The couple has the right to appeal the sentence.

“We were confident on the impartiality of the Kuwaiti justice system and the capability of Sheikha Fawzia Al-Sabah to uphold justice for the late Asria Abdul,” Rea Oreta, Philippine Vice Consul to Kuwait, said in a statement, adding that she hopes that the case would further strengthen the resolve of Filipino Overseas Workers to fight for their rights.

By Ben Garcia, Staff Writer


American Girl said...

I read this yesterday and was so pleased a fair sentencing had been passed down. We'll have to wait and see if it's actually carried out I suppose. But it's about time criminals and murderers (regardless of nationality) face the punishment of their crimes.

Anonymous said...

A number of years ago, I did an educational campaign on the country of Sri Lanka in some of the private schools in Kuwait. The Sri Lankan Embassy housed the most maids in distress situations at that time. Dressed in a Sri Lankan sari, which I used my nationality to empower, I headed to the KG level classrooms to teach the children about this wonderful country. Although Sri Lanka is a poor country, it has seven world heritage sites, and in my visits to Sri Lanka, I personally viewed it as a very rich country. Utilizing colorful picture boards, with bowls of rice, fruits and spices grown in Sri Lanka, I showed the children how everyday items in their kitchen, which they used to prepare their food was grown in Sri Lanka- in turn connecting this country with their daily lives. The wide eyes of these children, many of them Kuwaiti, were amazed by my presentation as their questions filled the room after my presentation. Afterwards I asked them, “How many of you have Sri Lankan maids?, many raised their hands. I proceeded to encourage them to tell their maids about all the wonderful things they learned about their country, in turn encouraging positive dialogue between the children and their maids. My aim was to change the way they view their maids and to encourage a positive dialogue. Education is key to changing social norms in a society and maid abuse is far too prevalent and acceptable in this country.

Anonymous said...

I hope they both rot in hell. so sick and tired of hearing about this violence and abuse. religion of peace? no i dont think so .

Expat and the City said...

I have my serious doubts that their sentence will be carried out. I hope for the best for the sake of Asria's family and all abused maids in the world.

May she rest in peace.

Possumdawg said...

A business partner of mine was telling me how hard it is for her to find good help in KSA(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). My partner is a physician and the way she speaks of Southeast Asians and others from her region sometimes reminds me of hate groups here in the USA. She's Egyptian. I assumed she was abnormal in her cast system beliefs. Am I wrong?endity