Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PETA Responds

This is the response that I received from PETA in reference to the form I filled out "Report Animal Abuse"/dogs being poisoned in Kuwait:

Thank you for contacting PETA about animals being poisoned in Kuwait. We share your concern for the animals and have passed your message along to our Cruelty Investigations Division.  If you haven’t done so already, please contact animal advocacy groups in Kuwait about this case. Local activists will have access to information about relevant animal protection laws and how to file complaints with the proper officials. To find animal rights groups in a particular area, consult, a Web site that offers an extensive listing of organizations categorized by country.  We also recommend contacting the World Society for the Protection of Animals ( and the Humane Society International (; both organizations are dedicated to fighting animal abuse internationally. For more tips on activism, please also visit Thanks again for writing and for everything that you do to help animals!


The Mad Hatter said...

My mom want's to protest on this followed by my dads comment "Mali shagal" (aint my business) if they throw you in jail hmmmm ,, if PETA do send a private investigator i'd love for them to lab test KFC meat i just don't think that they use chicken whenever my bf eats a sandwich i have to turn the other way it's like rotten meat+Socks deep fried in batter!

Desert Girl said...

The Mad Hatter - Whaaaaaaaaaat? I don't get your comment.

Care to elaborate?

The Mad Hatter said...

On the dog poisoning my mom want's to have a protest i dont see how that will make any change

Normally PETA send private investigators to area's where animal cruelty takes place which is documented by hidden camera's am not sure someone is going to be sent to Kuwait but here's hoping?

as for the KFC comment if you type "PETA KFC" on youtube, you'd know what i was talking about,whatever is in their food is nasty!

Desert Girl said...

Oh ok got it. And yes, KFC DISGUSTS me. I get sick here every time.

I wish I could protest with your mom, but demonstrations in Kuwait are for Kuwaitis only. (If Americans were only allowed to demonstrate in the US, we never would have rallied in front of the White House on August 2nd 1990....)

The Mad Hatter said...

My moms an expat :) married to a Kuwaiti but like you said a lot of people are afraid of protesting thinking they'll get deported!

I can't imagine the police getting a call to send someone over..crazy ajnbiya protecting dogs shnoo hathi mynoona!

Possumdawg said...

PETA has become a joke in the USA. They kill 90% of all animals taken in their shelters here. They admit this even after claiming to be " No Kill Shelters".

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you wouldn't post any comments regarding National Day/Liberation Day since you have lived here for 15 years and seem to like this country? I would have expected a post with an unusual twist about this holiday.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 4:02 - Dude! I haven't had TIME.

The next post is dedicated to you.