Monday, February 13, 2012

Injured Dog

Last night, The Romanian and I were on our way to Mischief and saw a dog in the median of the street.  It looked confused and was just standing there.  We circled around and stopped with our flashers on next to the dog.  He was injured - bleeding leg that looked like it could have been broken.  We couldn't get him - he was about to run into traffic, so we tried to get traffic to slow down so that he could cross the busy road.

A police cruiser passed us, then put his flashers on and came back around us.  We explained that the dog was injured and if he gets into traffic, he might cause an accident. 

Okay, now the officers were really really nice guys.  But what he asked me kinda floored me, "Did you hit him?  Did he hurt your car?"  What?  I can't imagine hearing that somewhere else.  Did the dog hurt my car???

So they stopped traffic and the dog got across the road.  It was more to help US than the dog, however.

If you live in the area, it was Salmiya at the corner of Harun Al-Rashid and Baghdad Street in front of Shaab Park.  He wandered off into the big dirt lot.  We tried to catch him, but we couldn't. He looks like an adolescent Shepherd mix ; maybe 8 months old.

I sent a message to K'sPATH and I hope they were able to send someone to catch him/help him.  You try to help save them all, but sometimes you just can't.  We both felt like crap driving away.  He looked so scared and hurt and I just wanted to throw a blanket on him and hug him and tell him it was going to be okay.


Anonymous said...

DG- that's my area. This dog usually has 2 friends he runs around with. The third one has been missing since you posted, I've been keeping an eye out.
FYI, someone has also been running over adult cats, same area.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with K's Path. They honestly have no motivation to help except for the things THEY think are important. I found a puppy once and they told me to put it back on the street. That is just ludicrous; Puppies are the probably the second easiest to find homes (Purebreds being first). You're better off calling PAWS.

On a positive note, I am so glad to hear there are others that will take the time to stop and maybe help an animal out. I applaud you for your efforts as many people would just say "aw poor thing" (maybe not even that) and continue driving on.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 3:13 -

The PAWS/KSPATH followers feud has been going on long enough. Both organizations are working towards the same end - assisting animals in need and educating people about animals. Both are staffed by well-intentioned people trying to help. I've had communications with both places for years. Yes, both organizations get overwhelmed. Yes, both have volunteer workers who might have a bad day and answer a call inappropriately.

Personally speaking, I feel saddened to the core every time I see an animal in need of help. I can't imagine that trauma on a daily basis - and dealing with cruelty issues and inhumane 2-legged creatures. It isn't an easy job.

So, I think that if one organization can't assist, call the other.

I appreciate your compliment. I wouldn't do anything less and I'm sorry I couldn't help the doggy more.