Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last Friday Night

POST NUMBER 1111!!!!

I had a looooovely weekend.

It started out at the Embassy.  The whole cast was there and more:  Gilligan, The Professor, Maryann, Ginger, The Skipper, Thurston Howell III, and Lovey.  (You guys figure out who the heck you are with the exception of Ginger who knows who she is.  Special K, you are Gilligan.  Sorry, but it's true.)  I got to meet my BazaarDude's loooovely and very funny wife.  The weather was perfect.  The company was perfect. Libations were perfect.  Great night.

Followed by the after-party at my place.  Am I just getting too old?  I fell asleep at 1 am when the guys were polishing off a bottle.  I was on my little sofa - and snoring - when I realized I should probably get up and go to bed properly before someone either drew a moustache with a Sharpie on my face or saved the memory for later to make fun of me (sheeet - I would!)  Ok, granted, I had 3 hours of sleep the night before (thank you, Stealth!!!  I LOVE talking to you all night!) and had been on  Arifjan all day.  Otay, so I'm not that old.  Forget it.

I work much harder with less sleep as I try to compensate.  I am a bit of a biotch, however.  Sorry Stella.  You only hurt the ones you love...

On to my story...

So then Friday night, it started all over again.  We had a great time at the diwaniya.  The usual/unusual suspects were there - along with a few new friends who I'm going to have to find nicknames for.  I hate that because the nicknames just come to me and one never knows when they are going to come.  Anyhoo, The Man was there and made quite an impression on Stella (and vice-versa!) who spent most of the night talking to him.  I'm so glad that we are good friends again.  It takes all that pissed-offedness off the table.  We had 6 people with the same names.  H&H, M&M, K&K.  Confusing, yet fascinating how that works out.   I think everybody had a good time.... those who can remember it.

My Irish Cousin played the Irish whistle. He tried to get me to sing, "She moved through the fair" - which is like my all-time favorite Irish song - but I wouldn't.  Partly because I was a leetle tipsy and the song reminds me of Shamlan and then I cry.  It wouldn't have been pretty.   Stealth was supposed to bring his oud, but he is a shy person (you wouldn't know it when he gets angry!) and doesn't like to play for audiences.  He played me a recording of him singing and playing and Oh.My.God!!!  Amazing.  I hope they both play for my Big 29th Birthday Bash (April 16th, people.  Mark your calendars.)

The Man hadn't met most of the suspects before.  He hit it off with Special K.  I don't know WHAT they were talking about out there, but it better not have been me (narcisist!).

We are all anticipating the arrival of Special K's fiance.  If she doesn't get here soon, someone (me) is going to punch him in the face for all the sexual inuendos.  Dude!  They're getting married here in Kuwait in a few weeks.  Fina-phuckin-ly!! I don't think anyone can stand it anymore.  No moving creature in Kuwait has been safe.

CheeseCakeGirl (I'm going to change  your name, but I don't know what yet) brought amazing crab dip which probably landed about 20 pounds on my hips.  I couldn't stop eating it.  I also couldn't figure out how she cooked it from the comfort of her hotel room.  Some people just gots skills. She had about 4 guys hitting on her all night and I had to send her a message to apologize for the pervs.  As a forte into Kuwait, my place must have seemed really odd.  Tee hee.  You survived!  I'm so proud of you!

The Romanian was MIA and I was very worried about her.  She went out and had BIG fun the night before (Thursday) and got home ... well, we won't get into that.  Let's just say that the merriment at mine didn't start until 8 and she was still asleep.  You go, girl, and when you do next time - take me with you!  Kabd Express, baybeee.

Thank you, people, for wonderful time (and for trashing my house).

This is why Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" is so apres peau....

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