Sunday, June 26, 2011

Way to make your country look CRAZY

I strongly believe that lawmakers and potential lawmakers (here, there, and everywhere) should be given psychological evaluations PRIOR to going into office.  THIS one in particular...

 Arab Times, 26 June 2011
Permit Kuwaiti women to buy good-looking men”
 Islamic thinker describes proposal as strange and odd

KUWAIT CITY, June 25: A few weeks after creating waves with the suggestion that Kuwaiti men be allowed to keep concubines to satisfy their urges, former national assembly candidate and activist Salwa Al-Mutairi has called for issuing a law that would allow Kuwaiti women to buy good looking men from Muslim countries. The men, however, should have ‘slave qualities’ and should be ready for marriage.

According to Al-Mutairi, the proposal would solve the problem of spinsters in Kuwait and would help face the phenomenon of increasing divorce rates in the country.

Talking about the qualities of a slave man, Al-Mutairi said “the purchased man should be polite, modest and good looking. He should obey the orders of his wife and treat her well, so that she spends her life with him in a beautiful way, away from clashes, fights and disputes.”

 Salwa added that such ‘husbands’ should be recruited through offices in Islamic countries, not just from Russia, and said ‘wanted husbands for women’ advertisements should mention that the candidate should either be a Muslim or should be willing to embrace Islam.

A Kuwaiti woman can select her husband by looking at the photos of the applicants, she said, adding the proposal will also help eugenics in Kuwait.  Al-Mutairi said she would do the job if she was given legal authorization and would visit European and Asian countries which have large Muslim populations and hire men who have the qualities needed to satisfy Kuwaiti women.

Salwa also claimed that a former minister who spent 14 years in his position proposed to her and that he loves her very much but she refused to marry him because he is 30 years older than her. She said she is ready to get married to a young good looking European, even if he is poor.

Meanwhile, Islamic thinker Mohammad Al-Ansari described the proposal on purchasing slaves as “strange, odd and not in tune with the current times.”

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Emmmmm.... Ms. Mutairi..... take a look around you.  Many Kuwaiti women ARE marrying men from other countries and they are intelligent enough not to have to buy them!  She is also forgetting about the many women who just plain don't WANT to get married.

Regardless - WTF....  Can somebody put a lid on this?


Anonymous said...

That woman is nuts, she should be locked up, or at least not given a chance to speak in public. Not only is she giving Kuwait a bad name, she is the given Islam a bad name as well. But it’s funny, when she said, if allowed she will open an office to recruit would be “good looking” slaves for her fellow Kuwaiti sisters. That is just too much, I think she should be examined for any mental illness.

r said...

this was left for the kuwaiti women to buy.. buy men :s

Anonymous said...

She's nuts. Some people ought to stay home and shut up. She's one.

Anonymous said...

I dont think one man is enough. I think I need for each mood and area of expertise.

Chirp said...

I really think she is mentally ill. What I heard is that 4 out of her 5 brothers passed away and it kind of all went down hill from there.

Anonymous said...

tell salwa al mutairi the recruited husbands need OFF on Fridays.

Anonymous said...

Well if I was married to her....I would need the whole week off...:D

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke?