Tuesday, June 07, 2011

CoverGirl coming to Kuwait?

I saw a few CoverGirl items at the Sultan Center in Kout last week (where, by the way, I found my Alpo dogfood and hoarded all 10 bags of it).

Yesterday, I saw more CoverGirl at the PX on Arifjan.

Could it be that someone is finally bringing the brand to Kuwait?  I love the smoky eyes collection.  It always sucks when you like a particular brand and you can't find it in Kuwait.  Eventually, someone catches on and brings it here but the wait is frustrating.


Anonymous said...

Hey DG,

Two quick questions:
1. Can any US citizen access the PX at Arifjan?
2. Did the embassy ever get back to you regarding events in 2011 (e.g., July 4th)? I want to know how to score an invite. Reading from one of your earlier posts, sounds like they operate the embassy like an NYC nightclub...picking and choosing who to let in!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 9:27 - Not any US citizen have acess to anything on Arifjan or the other camps. You need to have a contract with the military and have an access card.

The embassy did get back to me. The national day (4th of July) event was held in February. Its never held in July. I went and had a blast (see earlier posts from Feb 11). You have to know someone at the embassy to be invited - or do a lot of business providing trade to America and/or get on their list somehow.

Donations to sponsor events such as National Day help get you in. We're not talkin 20KD....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response (its anonymous 9:27).

My family runs a business in Kuwait and I'm trying to find my way into procuring contracts with the US military (i've started with the fbo....). I've gone through some of your posts and looks like you have some experience. I am looking for some guidance.....you have an email address I can reach you on? Thx.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous - my email is amerab@gmail.com