Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bedoowi del Sud

Southern Bedu.... hands down the nicest, kindest man I have met in a very very very long time.  Mashallah.  It happened so fast and so easily that I still feel like it isn't real.  I've also been in such unhealthy relationshits for so long that part of me feels that I don't deserve something so good and decent and transparent.

Thursday evening when it got dusty he came over with a gift.  He brought me a nebulizer with the medicine.  OMG.  That was sooooo sweet.  I can't believe he did it.  What thoughtful thing to do. He was worried about me.  I have been "meaning" to buy a nebulizer (for the past 10 years...).

We're slipping into a nice routine.  He's slipping into my friends routine and I like that too.  Everybody likes him and I think he's having a good time.  I hope so because the last 15 years of his life haven't been the greatest for him.  He's been divorced for only a few months and deserves to enjoy life.

He thinks my ass is too small. WHO wouldn't love a man who tells you that  your ass is too small?  OMG!  I find it very hard to believe (especially since I do NOT have a small ass - and we're not talking "donkey").  I just want to know what kind of bigass women he's been around that mine compares on the petite side.  Dayam.

The weekend activity was good.  I got thumbs ups from my peeps on the Man From the South.  I think he and Special K will probably have a man-date later.  Tee hee.  Southern Bedu likes sheesha and gin.  Dude is my kind of man; the best of both worlds.  He was perfectly content to sit, Bedouin style, in a corner most of the night with both.  I was content to sit and watch him. :)

Stealth sent me an SMS asking what I was up to around the same time that he knows my "diwaniya" begins.  Gee, don't I feel special.  Dude, don't you know.... it has been a week!  I've moved on.  You should too. Get with the program!

One of my friends invited his friends and I did NOT care for them.  First, they walked in VERY late (2am!!  Who the F DOES that???) and didn't introduce themselves even after I walked up and introduced myself.  Next, one of them made Desert Dawg squeel (not with joy), so I walked over and said, "Whoever hurt the dog can leave.  Now." As Special K said, "awkward".  Hey - I don't care.  (For the record:  That ho-girl's skin-tight, boob-bearing, mini-dress and her 2 tons of make up was awkward too.)  SeeeeeeeeeeYA!  I'm one of those people who is willing to go to jail trying to protect my dog. I don't take it lightly  (.... there is the door, now get the phuck out.)

I only have a few house rules:  NEVER harm or feed the dog.  Never park in my crazyass neighbor's spot. Never ring my religious neighbors' door bells at 2am.  No peeling out of the parking area.  Should be simple, common sense, right?  WTF.

On zee flip side:  One of my very favorite couples graced me with their presence.  Thanks Media Girl.  You always brighten any place.  Bien sur, Spanx and her husband, another favored couple were there with The Germans in tow.  Butterfly was off doing something else with another crowd.  God only knows what Slaps was up to.  The Romanian is getting kind of tired of the diwaniya, I think, because there just aren't her kind of mens around.  (We need to do something about that.)  I think she was okay because she talked to Style most of the night, giggling together and chatting away in Romanian (yeah, I know - probably talking about the fact that my ass is NOT small.  ha ha.)  Style's friend, V, also came.  She's so cute and everybody loves her and I'm glad she is enjoying our company.

Style is going to Flex to get a keratin treatment today.  I'm thinking about getting another one, but I don't know if I'll do the Brazilian Blowout again.  It hasn't lasted very long and there was all that broohaha about the formaldehyde in it.  I want to get it done before I go to the States because my hair freaks out at the beach and in DC with the high humidity.

Anyhoo, Friday was kind of a quiet night - which is just fine by me.  Although I do thrive on The Drama, sometimes I need a rest.  I think I'm going to call off the diwaniya this coming weekend because I'm tired.  I need a quiet night. 

So I had my 2nd of 3 root canals done today by Dr. Unni at New Mowasat.  If  you are looking for a good dentist, the man is EXCEPTIONAL.  He has small hands (very important) and is maticulous about no pain.  I am a dental phobe.  I had a very bad experience with a root canal years ago that scarred me for life.  Anyhoo, today's tooth hurt.  Root canal #1 was better.  This one has a crack in it, so Dr. Unni wasn't as optimistic.  It hurts like a biotch at the moment and I'm all lit up on drugs.  I'm also using this as an excuse to eat ice cream today....

I have been into maxi dresses lately. (The drugs are making me segue to other topics...)  I wore one today because I want to feel like I'm wearing PJ's when I go to the dentist - comfortable and relaxed.  I didn't know if maxi dresses were appropriate for work, but then I came in and Stella is wearing one that makes her look like a movie star.  Now I'm cool with my dress.   I've missed working with women. 

Did you know that Baskin Robins doesn't deliver to Dajeej?  OMG this sucks!  What is WRONG with the world?


babble said...

LOOOOL I love your posts! you make me giggle everytime! good luck with the nebulizer guy, seems like a cutie and worth keeping...especially the sheesha and gin part - eh.. u gotta have a 'happy medium'... sounds like my kind of man!

Expat and the City said...

My life is sooooo boring compared to yours. This guy sounds perfect for a summer romance or more...

I'm happy for you DG :D I <3 B&R's ice cream. I have them on speed dial.

possumdawg said...

I hope Desertdawg bites the person that hurt her.

jhonkiller11 said...

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burgogne said...

Were you complaining about the size of your butt so he would tell you that it's too small?.
I'd rather not have an arab guy comment on my behind (I'm half, so I know how they think.) But hey, you seem older than me so you probably know where to go.

Gin and sheesha...

Anonymous said...

Could you give me the name of the dentist, please?

Desert Girl said...

anonymous 12:03 - You shoulda sent your e-mail, but here goes:

Dr. Unni Krishnan
New Mowasat Hospital
2572-6666 x. 2535

He's doing my root canals and he's very good.