Thursday, June 09, 2011

Old Kuwaiti dude dies, corpse isn't discovered for 4 months...

Arab Times
9 June 2011

KUWAIT CITY, June 7: The decomposed body of an elderly Kuwaiti man was found in his house in Surra recently.

High-ranking security officials, medical emergency workers and officers from the Criminal Evidence Department rushed to the location* immediately after the Operations Room at the Ministry of Interior received a call from one of the Kuwaiti’s sons, who said he found the decomposed body of his father when he visited the house.

According to the son, he and his brothers have not spoken to their father for a year and a half, without giving details. He said he called his father a few days ago but his mobile phone was switched off.  When his several attempts to contact his father by phone failed, he decided to visit the house and was shocked to find his father’s decomposed body.

Initial investigations revealed the Kuwaiti had died more than four months ago. His remains were referred to Forensics to determine the actual cause of death. 

*  Why do high-ranking officials always have to go out?  Why rush?  If dude has been there for months, what's the hurry?

Is this what Kuwait has come to?  FOUR months his body was there.  Really, do people here have more important things to do than to check on family?  What's happening to this country?  So sad.

Well, it makes me kinda wonder:  why didn't old dude have any friends?  Why didn't old dude's kids talk to him in over a year and a half?  Perhapsee he was a mean old dude, but still....

I've often said that I could die alone in my apartment and the only way anyone would know would be by the smell of my dead body.  Oh, that and maybe Desert Dawg...


Anonymous said...

thats wat has come today.people are less caring about the elderly and are indulge busy in their lives.taking them as a burden and not listening to them.then finally they themselves face the same thing when reach tht age.most importantly they are going away from their religion,all they care about is car,house,a girl and ****.devil has deceived us in such a well manner that we dont like to speak to our elders,and not just that but also hate to stay with them.

possumdawg said...

I worked with a lady that was so mean her corpse wasn't discovered for a month. She was such a tool. eHormony refunded her money( a computer dating service). I felt sorry for her parents because no one from our office went to her funeral.

Anonymous said...

Had this happen to a friend of ours here in kuwait-- they are German and his brother died in his apartment there and wasn't discovered until 3 months later.
The problem was, the brother was very private and would only keep in touch every once in q while. So Christmas came and went with no answer, then New Year's and so our friend here told his sister to go check up on their brother and yup, he was gone.