Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shrimpy just grossed me out

I like several things about Shrimpy.  I like their fish and chips.  Well, I like the fish part (except for the amount of batter they hide the little pieces in). Their chips suck.  Their coleslaw is generally pretty good too and they have been making an effort lately to add more taste to their bread - or maybe the change from circle to square has me bamboozled.  I like the big green salads that they have.  That's a plus.

What I don't like is (this part is much longer).... that the majority of their employees do not speak English. They take up to 2 hours to deliver.  They insist on calling you back and speaking to you in Arabic if you tell them that you only speak Engish.  And this is all before you ever receive the food.

Thats why I use 6alabat.com - so that I don't HAVE to speak to a human (even though Shrimpy immediately phones you to discuss your address even though they've been there a million times and can LOOK IT UP ON A MAP or GPS - realize that's probably too high tech).  Anyhooooo....

Their "grilled" "shrimp" sandwich I just ordered was DIS-gusting.  It was more like "grease on a bun".  It had nothing to do with shrimp - or grilling.  There were some brown greasy strips that might have been onions at one time, a slab of cheese (WHY???), and about 6 little brown, hard things that may have been sea-dwelling creatures at some point (rigor mortis had set in, so someone threw salt on them apparently).

Today's order took a mere 1.5 hours to be delivered, so I guess the fact that their edible coleslaw arrived should have been good enough for me.  Dayam.

Why am I picking on Shrimpy today? 
A) because I can. 
B) because I have been chewing on this for the past 14 years until I finally found an opportunity today to say something about it.
C) the f-ing sandwich got grease all over me (note that I didn't phrase that, "I got grease all over myself by ordering/attempting to eat their sandwich.")

If you have a good concept, a well-known name, WHY can't you offer good quality food and service?  Je ne get it pas.


Anonymous said...

"Je ne l'obtenir."

Buzfairy said...

I can see how that irritated you.

I should be proud that Shrimpy is a pure KUwaiti concept... But I still got to be honest, they started to suck a few years back.

I only eat their Fish & Chips. And yes, perhaps the fish part is what I really like, because I always make sure I order an extra piece.

That been said, I once tried the strong recommendation of a dear dear friend. She swears by their grilled shrimps.

So one day I order it, it cost something close to Kd3-4, some 4 years ago. When I got the box, opened it up, I saw these tiny mini shrimps. They were shrimps all right, can't say they weren't; but WTH was "that" size?

And excuse me, for "that" price?

It's really sad not to have a decent and respectable fast food place in Kuwait, where the staff respects clients. That's why I would much rather order my burger and pizza from fancy restaurants; rather than boil my blood with those fast food places.

Hope you have better luck next time :)