Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lancome has pushed me too far!

(Sorry dudes, this is one for the girls.  All about the make-up....)

Women all over the world have been fascinated by how Arab women do their eye make-up.  It is a mystery to many who haven't mastered the art of applying eye make-up; and especially mysterious to those who either can't be bothered taking the time to practice applying it with a brush, or just get too frustrated/lack patience after a few tries. It can take years to perfect your technique - literally.

As any Arab woman will tell you, Lancome black liquid eyeliner is a must-have staple for your cosmetics bag. Yeah yeah yeah... I know there are others who will say that eyeliner pencils or kohl are better or that Mac (etc.)  has a better product, yada... whatever....   I haven't been able to live without my Lancome since I was 14 years old (although the local Lyra kohl eye pencils are also a long-time favorite - especially on the inside of the eye rim - like in the picture above).   I am an artist with the brush and my eye.  It is an art.  Amateurs can stick to their pencils and leave the brush applicators to the professionals. (Bien sur, shall I continue, I will probably look like Phylliss Dyller when I'm her age with big black circles around my eyes, but jenegiveashitpas.  Besides, that's besides the point..... )

Loreal - the RIGHT
package and natural brush
 by the competion.

Back to my story...

Lancome has now pissed me off to the Nth.  They have gone too far.  Non non non!  C'est impossible!

First, Lancome discontinued their larger tube of liquid eyeliner and changed it to a smaller version (like half the content) with a harsh, plastic applicator brush.  It literally hurt to apply it.  So, I had to search around for another brand (like Loreal, for example at a mere $8 a tube) with the appropriate applicator brush and dip it into the Lancome tube.  Tres sucky!

NEXT, they discontinued the brush applicator all together in the US... and you could only get the felt-tip pen applicator type.  Usually, whatever happens in the the States comes to Kuwait eventually. I am guessing that Kuwait (Middle East?) was a hold out because (similar to the beloved Chevy Caprice), market demanded it here and therefore the manufacturers continued it.  So anyhoo, for several years, you could still find the Lancome liquid eyeliner with the brush applicator.

Lancome smaller tube
 with plastic brush applicator

Until recently.....

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!  It happened!!!! 

I went to the counter and WABAM!  They have switched to the f-ing felt tip pen type which I HATE.  You can't even cram another brand's applicator in to the little tube.  WTF?!

Lancome, you have gone tooooo far.  After a lot of years (not sayin how many 'zactly), you are going to make me switch to another brand! 

Why do people always F around with a good thing?
The felt pen applicator - YUCK!

Okay, so you are thinking now, "So, Desert Girl, what is the big difference?  Who cares?"  Well, the difference is that Lancome's formula lasts a long time and goes on smooth without any creases - unlike cheaper competitors.  With a natural brush applicator, it goes on smoother and more consistently/evenly than the felt tip applicator.  The plastic brush is just bad, bad, bad:  It frays and after a few weeks, the plastic frays poke you in the eye or the eyeliner gets in places you aren't trying to put it.

The Lancome reps at the cosmetics counters tell me that EVERYBODY is complaining about the change to the felt tip applicator (and again - even less content).  We (the market) don't MIND spending the extra money for more (even if it is retailing at around 11KD in Kuwait = US$40), but give us what we want!

Lancome, why did you let us down??


Baroon said...

I totally know what you mean. I hate that plastic applicators.
check out Rimmel liquid eyeliner, maybe you like it.

Anonymous said...

As much as I HATE how they keep discontinuing great products, we need to find replacements. I think you should start using gel based eyeliners (try MAC and Bobbi Brown) applied using a brush and trust me its worth it - it stays on for hours and never rubs off. Plus they have an awesome color collection!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 10:45 - I don't want to find replacements and I think most women you will ask in this part of the world who are die-hard Lancome users will agree. I use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners all the time on the lower lid because you're right - they never come off (I tear a lot and that is always a problem). You just can't beat the effect the Lancome has on the upper lid.

Baroon - I tried Rimmel. It was okay, but not quite as good.

Cle de Peau (high-end sold at Saks and Niemans - you can't get it in Kuwait) used to have a liquid eyeliner that you couldn't get off with a blow torch, but again - they discontinued in for the gels.

Shilpa Verma said...

I know its annoying to change the brand.. .but have you tried Mary Kay? Not sure if its available in Kuwait... but it sure is good :-)

r said...

i really need to learn how to apply eye makeup, i jsut have a local eye kohl pencil which i apply on the bottom eye lid. plz help me with what product to use and how to apply it.

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