Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink Weekend

You know it is June in Kuwait when I get pink stink eye.  This sucks.  It started yesterday morning when I woke up and my left eye was swollen shut.  Yeah, like THAT is pretty.  Then, the other one started itching. I felt like Will Smith in "Hitch" in the allergy scene in the pharmacy.....  oooooh snap....

So I call my opthemologist (don't ask me to spell that again) and he's booked until AUGUST (yes yes, the summer in Kuwait in all it's hot, dry, dust-filled glory).  So this morning, I went to the International Clinic and sat there for 2 hours praying just to get in on a walk-in; which I finally accomplished.  Woo hoo.  So..  poop... ten days without make-up.

And.... I walk into work this morning and one of the sweet little girls who wears hijab from down the hall comes running out of her office and says, "Oh my God!  Are you okay?  What HAPPENED to you?" (As if I had been in a bad accident...)   I'm like, 'emmm.. I'm not wearing make up.'  Dayam.  So I sit down and our Ops Manager calls me, "Scary".  I got to give him that one - it only came after I gave him a hard time for having a (fictitious) relationship with a business person we all know.  He doesn't like it, so of course, I egg him on constantly.  (It's what I do.)

I had a very nice weekend.  Southern Bedu had a wee bit too much of the sauce and he does tend to talk tooooooo much and tooooooo loud, but he's a happy sauced fellow, so I can't help but adore him.  I think he out-talked Bunny (yeah dude, I SAW the look!) and even Yuwaisef took SoBedu aside and told him to keep the volume down.  I said, 'You can't help it.  You are a Bedouin man and very passionate...'  (and that translates to, 'DAYAM boy!  Keep a lid on it!' but in a nice way.)  He was cute anyways.

Some of the stuff he tells me.... OMG - If I ever see his x-wife, I am going to kick her ass from here to China.  We don't like the mean lady; no we don't.

Southern Bedu tells me he loves me all the time; almost more than I tell him, and has mentioned getting serious on both drunken and sober occassions.  I do love a man who can spend the whole weekend and part of the week; has his own place; cooks his own meals (when he feels like it);  cleans (ditto); and is independant.  I would, fer sure, kick asses for him.  I know the feeling is mutual.

I'm kind of liking not leaving the house so much on the weekends.  It was 115 degrees on Friday.  Why should I go anywhere?  But, have you ever noticed that when you're not moving around, you get more tired?  I am just so lethargic. 

I saw that movie, "Remember Me" yesterday.  It stars that vampire guy (can't remember his name), some blonde girl, and oh yeah, the British dude whose name escapes me at the moment.  Oh wow - synapse fired - Pierce Brosnan.   My sister had told me about it, but I had never bought a copy of the DVD.  It was kind of slow in places, but very good.  I felt like I might be able to flush some of the pink out of my eyes with a big "boo-hoo"/ugly cry with no one around in the evening (because I already knew the ending, compliments of my sister).   It didn't do anything for my eyes, but my nose got congested and I scared my dog.  Go figure.


American Girl said...

Hey, DG, not sure if you've ever tried it... but Moroccan kohl (powder form) for the eyes? A colleague brought me some and my eyes have never felt so clear and so clean -- and it doubles as great eye-liner! But she told me she even uses it in her small children's eyes when they suffer with the summer pink eye episodes, and it immediately clears them up.

I do hope you feel better and glad you had a great weekend!

Linda said...

HAHA that's hilarious, I got the same looks when I had pink eye! It's awful! On top of that I had been sick for over 10 days so I looked like a car ran over me and I just walked into the office. Everyone was scared to touch me or look me in the eyes. Pink eye sucks! Good luck,the pinky shade fades in a few days :)

possumdawg said...

LOL DG. Reminds me of the time I wore two different types of shoes to a meeting and in front of everyone my wife pointed out my mistake.

It was a stressful meeting up to that point. Yes, I am still married to her and am blessed to have her.