Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sultan Center's KD 2.700 ($9.32) Yogurt

The Sultan Center (TSC) has really been infuriating me lately. I have stopped shopping there for my larger volume shopping; choosing only to go there for select items that they don't have anywhere else. This past weekend, I went to LuLu Hypermarket, filled an entire shopping cart full of food and spent KD43. I then went to TSC for a few items - and walked out having just paid KD 28 (8 items).

I thought it was kindof expensive, but being my usual moronic self, I didn't check the bill until I got home. I bought two 450G packages of my favorite yogurt (photo) and didn't realize how much they were: KD 2.700! That is almost $10 for approximately a 16 oz package of yogurt. OMG.

Greed is a terrible thing.

I've noticed lately that a LOT of products in TSC don't have price marks, so you find out when they are scanned in the check-out line. I shoulda paid more attention.

I love this yogurt. It was my new favorite. The only thing close to it is Stoneybrook Farms yogurt that you get a Wholefoods in the US. I'm so depressed over this.


abolesanzalef said...

How are you Amer, I am really cant stop laughing once i read about that yogurt od kd 2.700.... I think its a magic one...but usually its know that Sultan is the highest price centre in kuwait, inspite i can find that its products is not as well as the price.....there are many other places in kuwait like London, Al Meera, Lolo, Middle east...etc with a moderate prices.....

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Abolesanzalef.

I've actually been checking out the stores in Shuwaikh as alternatives.

Bunny tells me that the best steaks in Kuwait are to be found in a butcher shop in Shuwaikh called (something like) "Beemer" next to "Al-Bader". I'm going to try some from there. I've bought green meat at the Sultan Center before (it was red on the side facing out). I don't want to experience that again. Even Desert Dawg was sick for a week.

I've been in London Center and Mirah before - I should re-visit them. I even used to go to Nokhatha a looooong time ago.

White people - incase you don't know it, these places are off Canada Dry Street (extended from 3rd Ring Road in Shuwaikh. You might not find the brands you are accustomed to, but the prices are much lower. It is kind of like shopping in a generic food store or a Sams/Price Club. My only advice is not to shop at these places right before Ramadan or eids because you will be catapulted out of the way. I've seen it happen. Its not pretty.

Anonymous said...

LULU rocks !

Anonymous said...

Carrefour is also a great alternative for 'stocking up' shopping.

You can then walk across to Dean & Deluca for gourmet items that aren't available at the regular supermarkets.

Convenient and cost-effective.

Sultan Center is not only over-priced, but they are also non-consistent with stocking items and I have had several situtations that included moldy items and expired goods.

Not good.

Way Of Life said...

Yogur ..oh... yogurt. I also like.

Anonymous said...

Dean & Deluca is the only place in Kuwait where the butcher knows how to properly butcher meat. Please butchers elsewhere- take a course, look will see how to butcher properly. D&D stock a lot of items that are impossible to find elsewhere and the prices are reasonable. That said, I have to add that their store baked organic breads are terrible. Organic bread does not have to be super dry and hard. Hopefully, D&D reps will taste some and teach them how to make edible organic bread. I do shop Sultan Center- I prefer the brand of yogurt you bought, DG, especially their Greek yogurt, it is the best for cooking. They often have items I cannot find elsewhere. For cheese, I recommend D&D and Carrefour. I do not buy cheese at Sultan Center anymore- I have seen too many packages of moldy cheese and their selection in the past two years has really gone down.
I think the problem with expired food goes way beyond a single chain. I have even found expired tahini on the shelves at Carrefour. C'mon people, check your stock! Expired food is dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I think they might ahve this at the Camp as well--Caliboy

Chirp said...

They sell minute maid lemonade for 5 KD

Anonymous said...

TSC makes promotions and shocker flyers, you can find many items for less than cost in these promotions. for the high prices they justify it by providing the varaiety of imported products that u cannot find elsewhere. but u can go to TSC wholesale Centers where u can find normal prices of less varaiety.
about the lack of pricing tags, u can go to any of the staff and ask them about the price, they will help u. and in any time if face any kind of problems u can go directly to the store manager, they will be happy to help.

CrazyDutchGirl said...

Have you ever checked out the organic milk or the soy milk. Last I checked (but did not buy) it was 5.990KD for a half gallon! That's insane.

I love D and D. Other than the veggies, I found the prices to be reasonable.

Anonymous said...

hi all,nice topic you have chosen i have been in sultan centre twice only as i usually used to shop at lulu only,but i found everything costilier than lulu.....even almarai long life milk pack of four was 200 fils costlier,i suggest lulu or city centre as better alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Hey - do you know that you can now get Stoneyfarm yogurt at Dean & Deluca?! You definitely pay for it (I think it's 3.000 or 3.500 KD for a large container), but when it's what you really want - it's worth it :)

Desert Girl said...

I love Stoneyfarm yogurt! Yummm. I did notice it in D&D and thank you for your comment about that. They don't have all the same flavors here, but definately worth the trip.