Monday, February 02, 2009

Grown men... myth or legend?

Unrelated issue to title: Ok, so best friend and I got together last night, talked it out, and realized that we are both becoming stubborn old ladies. (I'm 29. Shut up.) This is no big news to either of us, but it comes as a real shock when we stop speaking to each other for a full 2 weeks. We agree that black magic was at play and we have already identified the culprits. I was hurt, she was hurt, we’re moving on. I have felt like shit-warmed-over for 2 weeks and I prefer not to live like that. Life is too short. This was a speed bump. Bygones. Water under the bridge.

Related issue to title: So, onto my next shocker: Bu Merdas (herein and forthwith referred to as BuM). I haven’t seen him in I-don’t-know-how-long. Personally, I don’t care. I found him lacking in character, so I haven’t given him a second thought (well ok… sometimes late, late at night…. But only in the realm of superficiality). BuM had this odd hang-up of ab-so-lutely having to take me to the airport and pick me up. It was as if I was going to die in a horrible plane crash if he didn’t. He might not see me for months, but he HAD to come pick me up. (What IS it with these guys and their pick-up/drop-off fetishes?) So, on one of the many occasions when I flew back from somewhere (probably the US), he went to meet me at the airport. I didn’t expect him to, but he knew when I would arrive. Also going to greet me were Slapperella, her guy Haji Sexy (Part Deux), and The Romanian. The Romanian arrived first, followed shortly by BuM. (Slaps and HS arrived later.) They sat in Starfucks and had a coffee/cigarette (or thousand) together. (BuM was probably encroaching on her Kuwait International Airport bluetooth moment, but ever the lady....) The Romanian said pleasantries and BuMjumped in with, “Why don’t you give me your number, so I can send you SMSs at Eid, yada yada.” She didn’t think much about it (especially since our circle is pretty tight and everybody has everybody's numbers), but told me when I arrived and got into her car for the trip home. BuM didn’t tell me. In fact, he didn’t tell me at all – I brought it up a few weeks later and he only laughed; causing my Little Voice (his name is "Paco" - I don't know why) to start yammering....

Et now, the Zow: BuM and I haven’t seen/heard from each other in months and all of a sudden, dude must be lonely because he has started calling The Romanian. Here is the part where I beg to differ from my friends out there who say that “people change”: A serseree doesn’t change his spots. Once a serseree (womanizer); always a serseree. BuM used to be totally into the party scene – a die-hard scotch-drinking womanizer who broke hearts and forgot names in the morning. Then, he “found” religion (is it ever missing?). He stopped partying and started going to the diwaniya. Yeah, ok. I’m still seeing spots….

Spots.... spots.... evidence of spots... spots.... Here, my blogsphere friends, is one of the lowest forms of creatures. They are known to lurk in Kuwait and this game is typical and extreeeeemely low-class. They may wait around for their prey. They may quiety stalk. The prey might not identify the threat at first; just a slight rustling of the grass before the seige (their own "Paco" silently whispering in their little prey ears....). And then... and then... the hailagee (low-life) makes his move!: Making the jump from girlfriend to girlfriend (In other words, "We're done. How 'bout yo' friend?") ; assuming that all are easy prey and that no one will talk or find their behavior repugnant. I guess perhaps you might call such a creature a "man-whore" or a "man-slut" or perhaps even a "he-ho" (go ahead - I do). My girlfriends and I are close. We talk. What we don’t do is suffer fools easily. This particular fool has been warned. If it continues – we talk. Kuwait is small. Why would anyone who supposedly “values his reputation” put himself in such a precarious situation?

I used to respect this person. I've known him for 6 years. I know members of his family. He is from a good family with a good reputation. One of his brothers built a large mosque in Kuwait. They are supposed to be "decent people"; and yet - ya see - I'm constantly proven right and I don't want to be. PROVE ME WRONG. Please!

My advice to ye of many spots: If you break up with one girl, find someone outside her circle of friends! Women TAAAAAAAALK. There are a lot of women out there. Isn't there some kind of man shortage in Kuwait or something? What woman wants her friends' leftovers? Not me.

Bada BING, he-ho aaaaaaayyyyyyyeshay!

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Stan said...

So i guess then its not wrong hitting gurls from different friend circles..nw DG thts a gud tip from this way no one gets to gossip abt us..