Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There goes the neighborhood

They are getting ready to start tearing down the old Souq Salmiya area - and surrounding buildings. The Al-Salam complex is deserted and the windows have been removed. I don't know if I like all this change. It saddens me.

The building complex where I used to live is still occupied by a few people refusing to leave, but they'll start removing fixtures soon. If you live in Ewan or the Al-Hamed complexes, you are about to get a rude awakening - literally - by teams of construction crews working late into the nights; demolishing and re-building.

On another note, I love this! Some artist wrote this on the Al-Salam complex's car park and it is visible from the intersection of Salem Al-Mubarak and Hamad Al-Mubarak Streets. You go, Freak!


Anonymous said...

sorry wrong post but i need to say it out loud - the kuwait postal services suck !

i subscribed to a weekly magazine (news and current affairs) from India a couple of months back - till date I have received just one issue instead of the 9 issues i ought to have got by now
The despatch desk at source has shown me proof of dispatch from India but nothing seems to have reached here barring one package that was opened and the magazine missing !!
I have now decided to cease my subscription.. pathetic.

george said...

i drive to work along that way and it hits me every day that pretty soon we will not be seeing the "round green building" which was a landmark during the 80's.
Surely will be missed.

Also the 'FREAK' graffiti...someone's been busy at night..wonder if he works alone...lol

Desert Girl said...

Purple: WHAT postal service? Do we have one? I've been here 12 years and I didn't know... :)

George - just some random guy tryin to get his freak on! ha ha.