Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Tequila Fairy

I had a visit with my old, dear friend, Mr. Jose Cuervo, while visiting a muckity-muck friend and I turned into a happy-go-lucky tequila fairy. F the Red Bull - tequila shots give you wings! (Picture the photo - only with a guy in a dishtasha turning into a hot guy....) It was all fun and good until I got a horrible case of the hiccups and couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours. I HATE hiccups. Did you know that Tameer complex charges 3KD for underground parking? That fascinates me. I could never find parking out there. It used to be a major pain to park my Stealth on the sidewalk. Anyhoo, I saw some fishermen friends who I haven't seen in a really really long time and I missed them. I brought The Romanian and Sheikha Minor and it was a nice evening. Dudes usually only see me on the boat - sans makeup and sportin a t-shirt with my hair up. They always look at me like I'm a totally different person when they see me on land! Yeah - no duuuuh - I'm a girl!

Friday afternoon, we drove down to the desert close to Bnaider for more shinannigans. At the junction where 30 and 40 meet, there was a fleet of traffic cops waiting for anyone to drive upwards of 120. One guy right next to me got nabbed. The only reason I didn't was because I had slowed from something like 160 because there was an obviously-drunk driver following us and I slowed waaaaaay down to let him pass. He was driving a 9 year old Yukon with 3 DVD players - all on. I just find that ridiculous. Who NEEDS all that crap? Anyways, I was mentally wishing that the cops would get him, but they didn't. Why is it that they never get the bad guys in reality?

We had a good time in the desert until Sheikha Minor started with the drama. Whyyyyy the draaaaaaaaaama? We're all having a good time and BAM... the frickin movie begins. I'm so not into the "I'm a princess" girlie dramas. So, the Romanian and I shot outa there and went to McDonalds to get our drive-home Quarter Pounders.

The desert has been jammin this year - quite literally. Parties don't start until at least 12 am and last until sometimes 9 am. That is so people can avoid police checkpoints; also - most of the families don't sleep in the desert so the party noise can start after families are gone. As one of my Kuwaiti/American friends says, "The most important piece of apparel you can have in your Kuwaiti party wardrobe is a good pair of sunglasses for the drive home". So true. We went to 2 different camps. The second had an elaborate iron gate and nice marble floors in the bathroom. Je suis impressed.


Anonymous said...

Gee, and I had PatrĂ³n Tequila last night since I figured that my last chance of Tequila for a few weeks....good to know that there is some in Kuwait as well! Once I shovel out the 9 inches of fresh snow from my driveway I'm off to the nonstop party referred to Kuwait.
Schlumberger boy

A 3 AM Fligh t said...

I love how you've become so accustomed to the crap that goes on here, like the drunk guy following you or the trash you talk about every now and then.

Also I respect how you don't seemingly freak out like a typical girl, you actually took it calmly like it's an art you mastered lol.

Inshallah you always stay safe : )

Desert Girl said...

Schlumberger Boy: Don't expect to find Patron here - and if there is any, I'ma drinkin it! :) LOL. My friend, Jose, is few and far between, unfortunately.

A 3 AM Flight: It IS an art form! It is easier to sidestep the landmines when they have been marked - if you know what I mean.

The Parrot said...

I was a little worried about the move to Kuwait until I read this blog. "Parties in Kuwait"?!?!? I didn't think they existed! Not to mention TEQUILA!!! Now if we could grow some agave in the desert of Kuwait... we could definitely be on to somethin'.