Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Jack City: Mahboula

Hey – have you guys heard this because it is news to me: I was talkin’ to an ‘merican friend who says that his friends call Mahboula “New Jack City”. He says that all the Western contractor furnished high rises are full of drugs, prostitution, and alcohol.

I don’t have any reason to go to Mahboula – no friends there and there aren’t a lot of restaurants I want to frequent – so this is the first I’ve heard of it. Is it that common?

I’ve been witness to prostitution and alcohol in Kuwait, but I didn’t know about drugs. Well, I have heard there are problems (like in any country – anywhere in the world, unfortunately), but I didn’t think that Westerners would risk so much. I have never done drugs and never intend to, so I wouldn’t know. Honest. I’m way too much of a control freak to give up my powers to substances.

The subject came up because I heard a story recently about a contractor who was popped for drugs and could have faced the death penalty for trafficking. He was released from the central prison after six weeks. Turns out that he was riding in a car and the driver had drugs on him.

For those of you who aren’t aware of this – if someone has drugs in their possession, it doesn’t matter who is around them – the police arrest everyone. They will keep the peripheral people and interrogate them to determine if they are really innocent and/or to try to glean information that may lead to further arrests. For example, you may not know that dude hosting a party has drugs, but if you go and the police go to arrest dude, you go to jail. That’s why it is VERY important in Kuwait (and anywhere else really) to know the people you are with.

Even if I'm riding to work with someone, I take my own car.

Someone I know years ago (like around 1999) used to go to parties at the chalet of someone well known in Kuwait. He used to invite literally hundreds of people – lots of Westerners and people from embassies, etc. The girl stayed with him after others had left and he took out a briefcase containing a gun, bullets, money, and illegal substances. Had the police raided the place, each and every one of those people could have faced drug charges. She told me and I told other people so we were all sure never ever to go there.

Nothing to be toyed with here. It is baaaaaad news. Why would anyone want to jeopardize so much?

Like the guy this week who was arrested in a "prostitution den". Dude was on his way back home and had received his final pay when he was busted. He lost all his money and went home broke because the authorities labeled it dirty money. Now dude - aren't their pro's back home? Is it just less expensive here? Why ya gotta go to a "den" anyways? Think with the big head!


neth said...

/* That’s why it is VERY important in Kuwait (and anywhere else really) to know the people you are with. */

Very True

Anonymous said...

When I was working for the US as a contractor in 2003-2005 there where drugs / alcohol / women / weapons all around...
Contractors here make 'big bucks' and are away from home... so they are looking for 'entertainment'. I know a guy who spent over one year in jail here (American / drug deals) and two (Americans) who got infected with Hepatitis Type C...
We had rather strict policies back then but hardly had a chance to enforce them!
Sad to hear that nothing has changed and it prolly got worse!

Christopher Harrison said...

My best friend in Kuwait lives there! I'll be sure to warn here! Thanks!
Fahaheel has its share of "women of joy." Not very tempting ones, however.
Schlumberger boy

intlxpatr said...

It's true. All true. Some of it is right out in the open, and pretty disgusting. One of the restaurants employees told us they have to corral "the girls" up all the time and kick them out, they are so flagrant and so aggressive.

There is something else - all this manufacturing of alcohol in your villas and flats is also illegal. If you are working on a contract for the US govt, and someone reports that you are brewing or even have alcohol, they have the right to come in and inspect your private quarters. If you have alcohol, depending on the contractor, you can be out on the next flight, and someone else will back your stuff out for you.

I don't know if that happens to people in private business, but I imagine that someone with a grudge could cause a lot of trouble by reporting you just for vengence.

Desert Girl said...

intlxpatr - CSA's "General Order Number 1" is no alcohol. Since CSA provides employee accommodations, then they have the right to go into flats and inspect (but from what I have heard - they rarely do unless a problem is reported to them).

As far as homebrew goes: I've been here for a lot of years and the unwritten code of conduct among expats is that no one tells. Those who brew also are very careful who they tell; and it seems that they would never tell Kuwaiti friends. It is such an easy process that I am surprised more people aren't doing it. Maybe it is just laziness.

I don't drink and I don't know anyone who does, so I really can't say. I have only heard rumors and I doubt they are true. I know nothing about how to make it or how to drink it and it is 100% illegal in the State of Kuwait and I would never even consider breaking the law. It is just wrong! Wrong I tell you! Wrong!

intlxpatr said...

Methinks the lady doth protest . . . . LLLOOOLLL.

globalgal said...

Hmmm... I lived in Mahboula in 1992-1994. It was pretty quiet back then... Half the buildings didn't even have windows. (Thanks to the occupation.) I do remember an extremely good shawarma stand... and that's about all there was!

How things change!

Anonymous said...

me live in american guy working with itt having good position,last month he caught for drug sale from mangaf...y they r doing like this

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous - You type accent bullshet. You mightem be merican yo own self.

Cyan Blade said...

I post similar stuff on twitter and facebook under "desert wolf diaries"
my name is cyan blade. and i enjoy your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, a friend of mine is visiting this place (Mahboula) in Kuwait city .
She only knows her boy friend there , who she met online. Is it safe?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I just moved here to Mahboula for contracting work, was looking for some nighlife activities, any ideas?