Monday, January 12, 2009

Attention Wataniya Airways Employees

UPDATE - I started a Wataniya Airways page on Facebook. I'm pretty sure you guys are better at flying planes than geeking (not that I'm great at it). If anyone out there from Wataniya wants to take over as administrator - be my guest. Write to me at and I will give you the password.

Hey - for all of you who have recently joined Wataniya Airways - or who are about to and moving to Kuwait...

I have received a lot of requests from Wataniya new-to-Kuwait friends seeking advice on finding apartments to general questions about living here. I have made some very nice new friends (obviously the WA recruiters are doing an outstanding job!) and I am happy to help everybody who asks.

I think you guys should start your own group/site on Facebook: you would all be in a better position to help each other (and your families back home and moving here/transitioning) with a networking tool like Facebook. I started one for the company I work for and it has been a huge success.

I mention Wataniya specifically because I have never had so many employees from one company ask me the same questions at the same time. Some of you guys are even staying in the same hotel in Salmiya together and you might not even know each other (maybe you do - I dunno).

Okay, now that I have said that - since y'all work for Wataniya: would you PLEASE get me a job there? I'm happy to send you my resume.

Best wishes to all of you who are just joining and moving to Kuwait. I hope that you will have a happy and prosperous career!


Anonymous said...

Well that's because your advice has been PRICELESS!!!! Some day I'll invite you over to my place for dinner. Whenever I find THAT place!! Facebook idea is genius!! Gonna look into that. But then everyone's gonna bother me as much as I bother you! ;-) that even possible?

Anonymous said...

Let me also add my thanks for helping out the new flood of Wataniya refugees. Since I won't be IN Kuwait for several months yet, you'll probably end up working there before I do! :-P The facebook idea seems like a good one, you should nominate a leader on this project since you are the only one that knows all of us.

Unknown said...

Hey guys, Tommorrow I m having final interview for WATANIYA AIRWAYS and we are to sign the contract by end of the week. I m so hesitant whether its worthed the whole new world in Kuwait and job I ve never done. How do u like it guys out there?