Monday, January 26, 2009

A First Step

Ok, so take a look at these two photos. Can you see the difference? These photos ran 2 consecutive days (January 25th and 26th in the Arab Times).

(I think that's my Absolute, by the way.)

The first step towards solving a problem is acknowledging that there IS a problem. At least local folks who break the law even make it into the newspaper. If more did (like they do in Dubai where full photos with facial features - and full family names), then perhaps it would be a deterrent to others who either are committing crimes - or are considering it. As an example, in Dubai if young men chase women down the street (the way they do all the time in Kuwait, causing lots of accidents), their photos and full family names are published in local papers. It is a big disgrace to their families.

Kuwaiti friends: what are your feelings on this? Do you think that photos of Kuwaiti nationals with their names should be put in the papers if those people commit crimes - or should they not?

My personal Desert Girl oppinion: If you do the crime, you gotta do the time (or face humiliation). Why should humiliation be limited to any nationality? Hell, I say humiliate them all!

February 9, 2009

The picture below appeared in the Arab Times. I guess
I spoke too soon. I applaud the Government of Kuwait:
They stand behind their statement of "Equal justice for all."
I'm impressed.


Anonymous said...

Are you a Kuwaiti national?

Evil Knievel said...

Yes!!! All for that!!!
Goes along with my idea of carma ... :)
do stupid stuff and stupid stuff will happen to you!

intlxpatr said...

I've noticed the same thing. Isn't there enough shame to go around? Sometimes, instead of saying "A Kuwaiti" in the crime section, they will say "a national" or "a citizen". But if it's any other nationality, they will say "a Bangladeshi" "an American" etc.

I also wish, in the social/commercial photos, that they would identify all five people in the photo, not just one important guy. That's the way it's done in the big time, folks.

Nina said...

i get what you mean...but i also feel like these people's families
have no hand in that person's actions. and if the full name and identity is out, then that will more than likely harm the families...
i know that when someone close to me had a family member get caught up in something similar and got caught, not only was it hard for the family to cope with what happened to their loved one, but they also had to deal with the humiliation and hurtful and mean spirited talk that went round...

Desert Girl said...

Intlxpatr - Alas, it is relinquished to small time.

Nina - You're absolutely right and I can see how that would affect others within the same family; and unfortunately, probably women of marriageable age. At the same time, if a nation collectively made it a law, then basically everyone would understand. Ultimately, it would bring crime down (again, use Dubai as an example. I never get chased by boys in cars there.) I guess it is a double-edged sword.

Qatar Cat said...

I guess in Dubai there are so many girls chasing boys that there is no need for boys to chase girls.

I sort of agree with Nina - I think the families in Kuwait will suffer for what their relatives did if the names and photos are published, as family ties in Gulf countries are just too close, and everyone will judge you by your relative's behaviour! So not exactly fair, IMO.

mentabolism said...

I guess Nina has a point. It would affect people who are not involved in any way.

Desert Girl said...

Ok, point taken. However, why is it that Kuwait always feels that it is exempt? Why should they publish the names and faces of expats if that is the case? And if other countries are publishing names and faces - why shouldn't Kuwait? I don't think that the population here is smaller than Dubai in terms of citizens.

Jewaira said...

Name them, I say. Sometimes people's lives could be at risk.

I was quite concerned last week when I read this:

KUWAIT CITY : A well-known Kuwaiti businessman in partnership with a pharmacist is reportedly selling banned medicines, reports Al-Shahed daily.
It has also been reported the medicines are harmful for health and their validity has expired.
The daily added the medicines are smuggled into Kuwait and the pharmacist helps the Kuwaiti by packing them in packs of reputed firms. The medicines are also being sold at a throwaway price.

mentabolism said...

one more point...i know three guys, who have exactly the same name...2 guys are distant relatives and one doesn't know the other 2 at all...but all have the same name...with a population of around 1 million..the chances of the wrong guy getting pinned is high.....

UmmeAaiman said...

It's Not What you think about Dubai! Names, Ages, Family Names, Photographs of criminals - everything IS CENSORED. Ofcourse, they'll relate the crime, the punishment. Try reading The Gulf News. The reporters employed write in the same manner used to write a synopsis on the back cover of a book!