Sunday, January 11, 2009

iPhone in the US

I'm not a real big fan of i-anything (I know - like, shocking, right?), but The Romanian asked me to pick up an iPhone 3G for her son while I was in the States as she had heard they were selling for around $300. I first checked out the Apple store online and they wanted me to input my credit card information prior to seeing the prices and T&C's, so I dissed that and went to Best Buy when I got to Virginia.

Here is the scoop: you buy the phone, but you must sign up with AT&T's plan for 2 years. The cheapest monthly rate is $69.99. So, the phone costs $300, but then WABANG - you are hit with the responsibility of the contract (terms and conditions - which are quite extensive - are below). Prior to having the "priviledge" of being allowed to buy the phone, they run a credit check on you first.

I told The Romanian to go someplace local to pay the 250KD to get one. Seems like it is just a big pain in the butt in the States.

Shots from Best Buy's Mobile Buyer's Guide, January 2009, valid 12/28/09 - 1/24/09 (above and below).

Terms Applicable to AT&T Nation and Family Talk Plans:
Credit approval required. Subscriber must live and ahave a mailing address within AT&T's owned newtork coverage area. An early termination fee of $175 applies if service is terminated before the end of the contract term.... (it goes on and on - if you are interested, I will send you the full details).

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