Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To GT or not GT - THAT is the question

I went to eat sushi last night with The Romanian. I forgot to call Bu Merdas to tell him that we were going there after looking at an apartment with a realtor (which was WAAAAAY too small for 350 kd). Anyhoo, we sat eating sushi for a while and Bu called me to tell me that he was going on a date. WTF? A date??? He was laughing, but he still wouldn’t tell me where he was going. It irked me. I sent him an SMS as soon as I got off the phone saying that I was not amused.

Ten minutes later, mid-tobico roll, I saw a gorgeous, tall man walking around the corner and I was within nanoseconds of gzzzing my own man! LOL. The Romanian didn’t even recognize him and she was seconds away from saying, “Do you know that guy?”

He cracks me up.

He had to go to the diwaniya to be a referee for the little girls he plays cards with. Grown men fighting over cards! They must have really bad marriages to be at the diwaniya taking their frustration out on each other. Bu Merdas ended up throwing ALL the cards in the diwaniya in the trash.

Again, he cracks me up.

If anybody is interested, I came across a really good lease deal at Aayan. For the month of June, you only put 99 KD down. Check out their promotion. 2008 Yukons at 225 KD/mo, Altimas at 125 KD/mo, Envoys at 159 KD/mo. I was thinking Mercedes or Mustang, but I know how badly I would trash nice cars here and it just isn’t worth it. Maybe later. Dunno. I can have a lease on one and buy another if I want it. It could happen: big car, little car…. Oooooooo …. I just checked out Ford Kuwait’s website and with their payment calculator, a Mustang GT is approximately the same price as a lease one an Envoy. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. Should I get another sports car here? If I was in the US, I would drive one……. GT GT GT….


Zahra said...

I like your new avatar :) That was pretty cute of him.

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