Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alien Vs. Domestic Whoring

You know - when I see this stuff in the news, I just can't let it go. Here's what I saw online in the Kuwait Times today. I get the point (from talking to people - not by reading the below), but it is just the way that it is written:

Kuwait Times
'Kuwait will not admit whores'
Published Date: June 22, 2008
KUWAIT: Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled, the Minister of Interior, said that the decision to grant visit visas to residents in GCC countries would not make Kuwait easily accessible to prostitutes. Kuwait will remain a clean country, reported Al-Rai. He also emphasized that visas would be limited to people "holding high profile jobs and visiting Kuwait for business," he said. Women will not be allowed to enter Kuwait unless accompanied by her husband or she is arriving for official business with a major company," he reassured. Meanwhile, Chairman of the parliamentary committee for 'alien practices,' MP Jamaan Al-Harbash warned of the possible consequences of randomly allowing GCC residents to enter Kuwait. Further, Al-Harbash said that he had already field a parliamentary enquiry on the matter two weeks ago.

DG Questions (inquiring minds need to know):

The title: "Kuwait will not admit whores". Does that mean that they won't admit that they have whores? (Again, it isn't me - it is the way it is written - verbatum - in the paper.)

“Women will not be allowed to enter Kuwait unless accompanied by her husband or she is arriving for official business with a major company” Does this reference mean that all other women are whores? Are all other single women whores? Who made this assumption?

What about male whores? Are those guys (Deuce Bigalo types) just allowed to "dominate"/"penetrate" the Kuwait whore market?

What makes whoring an 'alien practice’ to Kuwait? What about domestic whoring?


"Kuwait will remain a clean country..." Ummmmmm..... "remain"? If they "...won't admit whores" then will they admit that they are unclean?


Gaines said...

I am an American living and working in Kuwait. I also get a kick out of the wording of some news stories written in the English language Kuwait Times and Arab Times online newspapers. This one on 'whores' left me LOLROF. However, in truth, these stories are very revealing into the Kuwait mindset and culture and I enjoy reading such each morning before I head out to the desert.
P.S, I really enjoy your blog.

abolesanzalef said...

I cant stop laughing everytime reading your comment>>>>

Anonymous said...

But the funny part is that Kuwait is already filled with whores.Low payed philiphinos,palestinians,other arabs,even kuwaitis and need to mention male and female whores.Pimping is also a large business ,many times run by influential people.So it seems to me that someone wants just protect his business from influx of foreign fungivers.

Anonymous said...

Few months ago I stayed at a Kuwait City hotel, 15 minute sifter I checked in I started receiving calls from "domestic whores" every 5 minutes asking me ..."Sir you want lady?”... After saying no for a few times I went to sleep until someone knocked on my door… I opened and it was a Lebanese (or is it Lebanonise... or whatever). The dude looked like a lady and asked me if I called for a massage!!! I should have kicked his ass. Yah Kuwait must stay clean!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, strange for a country of S.O.B.
I mean there are hundreds of thousands asians working there in conditions close to slavery, that's ok ! but prostitutes , no they are dirty ? what a country of morons.