Thursday, June 26, 2008

Running with your pants down...

I like that title. It says so much.

I don’t write about work, so I won’t (really). I’m just irked. WTF does “DRAFT” mean to you? When I put DRAFT all over a document, I generally mean that I am open to (I encourage) changes and remarks. Why do people take things so personally – especially at work? I don’t get it. I’m not trying to belittle or degrade people when I write a document – I’m just writing a frickin document. Why do they get their panties in a bunch? I know that it is mostly cultural. ‘ooooh, I’m sooooo sorry, did I offend you when I wrote a description of your project which was not to your liking?’ I just do my job – do your job. Bada BING. If you don’t like it, grab a pen and make my day.


This is so not my week. Bu Merdas loved his gifts – and said so – via SMS. Yo soy not amused. An SMS. Now that’s clayaaaassss, baybeee. I decided to send his gifts with the driver anyhoo because once I buy a gift for a particular person; it belongs to them. I will give it to them regardless of the circumstance.

I think that there is something in the air this week. All my girlfriends are having the same problems: Disappearing “Men”. First, real men don’t disappear: They communicate. TALK MOFO!!!! TALK!!!!

The kind of zeg that has been going on with men et moi this week is of jaw-dropping proportions. It is too tiring to explain. As my girlfriends say, "I'm speechless". Which - if any of you knew my girlfriends - is tantamount to the end of the world.

I am in such a rut/funk/mood/depression that I get home and throw ALL of my clothes on the floor. Yesterday, I lost Desert Dawg. My bedroom looks like a 70% sale at souq shaabi...


My mother (God love her) received (what she termed) “a very strange phone call from a woman who said she knew you from years ago….” My mother is intimidated by technology. “She said that she Googled you and found my address.” I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Google because I Google myself all the time (sometimes several times a day if it is really good) and there isn’t that much out there. Anyhoo, God love her, she was so worried that the strange woman was on a mission to find me and kill me and steal my identity – after an obvious invasion of our privacy - that she never got her contact details. OMG!

This is a friend that I knew years ago who I have been writing to and never have received a response. I would love to reconnect with her. She is probably writing to me because her daughter’s babydaddy is Kuwaiti and I’m sure she wants to find out about him. Her daughter should be around 21 by now. She actually went to court to prove paternity and then the dude skipped back to Kuwait after the court appearance. The judge looked at the baby, then at the daddy and said, “You don’t see the resemblance? I do!” (My friend has very very fair skin and bright red hair. Babydaddy is very dark haired with dark complextion and big brown eyes - as is the baby - who is now a young lady. All she really has to do is to talk to people at the embassy. She has probably filed more cases in her local court. Ooops! (Dude, you might not want to travel to the US.....) It might just be more fun trying to track him in Kuwait, however. teee hee. I remember her babydaddy, "I would NEVER marry an American!" (said with a certain degree of disgust.) Yeah, but it was okay to impregnate one, right? Did you like run across the room, slip and fall on top of her??? Sure, I would be haaaaaaaaaaaappy to help her.

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