Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The COOLEST Phone Call!

Forget everything I have said in the past about the US embassy being stuffy and all that. I feel changes coming.

I had a call today and nearly fell backwards out of my chair (people where I work already think I'm crazy ENOUGH).... A very nice woman from the embassy called me to thank me for the letter I sent to the Ambassador, Mrs. Jones (saying how nice it was to meet her). She also made reference to Desert Girl [which is, as we know, my alter-ego - similar to Marshall Mathers' (Eminem's) "Slim Shady"]. Perhaps it is not the side which one would wish their mother to meet - and yet again - not someone who you hold in as-high esteem. Not only did I almost fall OUT of my chair (backwards), but I did so blushing.

I do not blush easily.

Let me just restate that the US AMBASSADOR TO KUWAIT ROCKS. I can’t remember when I’ve been so delighted (and I NEVER use that word) to receive a phone call. I literally had to scramble to call Slaperella (who was on Arifjan -- most likely in a short skirt in this dust).

Is that not the coolest thing ever? I am totally chuffed (that’s Briddish for “really happy”).

The next thing I did (after falling over, blushing, scrambling, and chuffing) was to go through all my archives to figure out what the heck I had said in previous posts. I admit – I do sound “trailer park” (Brits et al – that is ‘merican for low-class or hailag), especially since I have been known to use the F word as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb…. (I can’t help it! It’s descriptive!). I’m going to have to watch that.

Disclaimer: I was not raised in, on, or near a trailer park. We did, however, have an aging Winnebago trailer, but it was only used for trips and all of the tires were in working condition. For those of you living in trailer parks, I apologize for being un-PC. I’m sure they are very nice homes. Although I may sound low-class at times: I was raised by my mother who is a proper, retired award-winning journalist and we weren’t allowed to swear in the house. No F-ing way!


Purgatory said...

Barbara Walters is your mom!!

FourMe said...

the disclaimer is quite hilarious!