Sunday, June 08, 2008

ARAMEX Kuwait still sucks

I have had more problems with Aramex Shop N Ship. I've had lots of problems with them over the years (approximately 5), but I thought I would try them again to see if they had changed. Obviously NOT.

I was expecting a shipment and so I sent the Ops Manager an e-mail (as per the information I found on the Aramex main website for the Kuwait Office) on May 26. He had a vacation reply, so I sent it to the next guy on the list - who is apparently also out of the office.

Shop & Ship contacts for Kuwait are not listed on the Aramex site - making it difficult to find people who are responsible.

I finally get a response from a customer service person who said that if there was aaaaanything she could do to assist, she was there(ooozing kindness; also known as "covering your azz"). So, I sent her an explaination that I would like the package NOT to be delivered to my home, but to my new office (I sent her a map in both .pdf and .jpg formats). I told her that I changed my customer profile on Aramex's website to reflect the same.

4 days go by....

I call her. She has no clue who I am. She opens my e-mail. She still has no clue who I am. She has the map to my office in front of her. She says she can't open it, but that the driver has gone to my apartment and couldn't find me. No shit. I'm not home. That's what the map to my office and the 5 e-mails were about.

Is it just me???

Previously, I had problems with argumentative drivers, drivers who decided to "tag" the wall outside my apartment with graffiti (gangstah style) with large letters "SNS" denoting the Shop & Shit logo, drivers who didn't find my work schedule convenient for THEM (and said as much), etc. etc.

Aramex took 2.5 hours to deliver a package less than 5 miles: From their office in Ardiya to my office in Rai. Delivery Dude started calling at 8:00 am (a missed call - thanks) and after lots of shouting and a phone call (again) to a nice lady in their customer relations department (who could only nervously giggle at this point because she really couldn't do anything about how ignorant her colleagues are), Dude arrived on the scene at 10:30 am.

While the managers I spoke to were very nice and they did drop the 2.5 kd delivery fee, I just wonder if they are EVER going to get their act together? At least I know that they maintain the same standard of quality: CONSISTENTLY BAD.


And one more word: RETRAINING... and when you think you have trained enough, add additional TRAINING.

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On a positive note: I got my shoes, they fit, and I love them. Thank you, Mr. Carlos Santana.


abolesanzalef said...

i think its TNT too. A friend who sent me something 2 weeks ago but i still waiting it.

raed said...

LOL I was looking for information about Aramex and I found your topic. what I'm going to do now? Is there any trustworthy mail service here in kuwait?

mak said...

why didn't I read this before I sign up for Shop and Sh#@?

I guess its just my luck, or the lack of it!!

cheers anyway..

faisal said...

i mean they charge alot for what they do ,,,,but they suck big time i started shipping it to

Ata Allah said...

Do you believe they are same nothing changed at all
Package reach in USA and 6 days they don't update where the hell it is
and from Usa to Kuwait it takes another 7 days to reach . you pay online and again they charge you denying what ever is on there web
they do have customer care Ticketing System unfortunately the are street people Even Bangalis are more trained from them