Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Trashional vs. National Dress & Other Stuff

I took Desert Dog for a very enjoyable walk in front of the Scientific Center. There are 2 handsome guys who I have been seeing for the past 2 years there who actually stop, smile, and stare at me, but who never talk. Again, (Kuwaiti Chopper Dude), I am wondering if they are smiling WITH me or AT me; and if it is WITH me, then why they no speak? I mean, I am always friendly: I smile back and I say hello once in a while. I’ve made other walking buddies (like the older, Saudi running man who stops to talk to my dog). Why don’t handsome dudes SPEAK? Maybe they have girlie voices. Maybe I had something green in between my teeth. Maybe I had a booger. Whaaaaaaaaa?

There was a little boy in a stroller last night – I guess he was about 3. He says to his mommy, “Look at the doggie! It eats the cats!” Well, little dude, not true. My dog is truly lazy these days and doesn’t even bother to chase the cats that are fair game (running). (I don’t know where she gets this): The only time she actually runs is if a cute guy (not woman) is calling her. Huh. Go figure. I try to get her to chase cats (especially if my cat-loving friend is along just to piss her off). She is too respectable for all that now. Pathetic.

I went to Palm Palace and Latino Café (where there ARE no Latinos - not even Latino music!) last night. First, Palm Palace was cool. They got new tiles for the outside seating. Yummy chicken livers with pomegranate sauce. I noticed that one of my x’s is STILL going there! It has been 9 years since I got there and I STILL see him there (with different ladies). Last night, he was with one who didn’t look too great (ego boost) and he gave me a very approving look. I know – I’m very very bad, but still… (ego boost). Don’t worry! I’m not going to call him; He’s a pain in the butt. He also has something like .0001% integrity, which I just can’t tolerate. Latino Café is in a nice location, no Latinos, and relatively strange villagers. It actually looks like a pseudo-village - just not a Latino village.

I think I want to try that Jungle place next to it another time and maybe go back to Baalbek Palace because I haven’t been there in years. After many nights with L insistent on going to Marina Crescent, I have decided to seek out the unbeaten path. In other words, I am tired of latest-fashion-wearing-beeny-bopper-chickenhead-boys and surly/bored faced-too-much-makeup-tidewater jeans- stilettos-wearing-girls ("trashional dress") places. Let’s get back to basics, shall we? Gimme a man in a dishtasha, flickin a mizpah! Yeah baby. I didn’t come to Kuwait to watch a music video!

OH! I had a despicable conversation with DEFINITELY-No-Longer-Future-Husband-and-Father-of-my-Children last night. I wasn’t even going to answer the phone at all, but then I decided that I was bored and wanted to mess with him, but it BACKFIRED – he messed with ME! Imagine that! Damn! He said that, “All women, everywhere in the world are alike. (What a bitch!) You all want us to call you in the morning and the evening; to see how your day is and to show you we care. All those phone calls – that’s why I don’t want to get married.” HUH!? He went on to say that since we are “just friends” that I don’t warrant that type of attention anyway. (Oh no he di'in't!) Ya know what – I have enough friends who genuinely care about me; who take the time out of their day to see how I am (rather than going for days without a word or even an SMS). I don’t need someone who doesn’t give a damn. Who’d want him? I told him that since we are “just friends,” he shouldn’t mind that I never said that I would see him exclusively and that I plan to meet/date men (LOTS of men) who do care about me. ADI-phucking-OS!


I hope the weather is nice this weekend. Goin to Kabd tomorrow for a barbecue at a friend’s farm. Goin to Mutlaa on Friday for a sunset-over-the-bay barbecue. All in the company of good friends and dog.

Perhaps while I’m out there, scampering across the sands, I will meet my prince; in a dishtasha, clickin a mizpah, on a white horse (Range Rover). He’ll say (with an incredibly sexy accent), “Desert Girl, take these flowers I picked because you are simply adorable. Would you like to go to a romantic dinner at Ricardo with me, so I can get to know you? By the way, I really like your dog.” And he will be single and he won’t have any weird hang-ups. Yeah…..


F said...

i feel ya,,
kuwait men = trash (mo kellohom, just the bloody 90%)!! after saying i love u (bollocks) they say (oh, u know, i dont think ur my type, i dont wanna get married.. etc), thier trash personalities come out!
i swear they are not real men, they are disgusting and i always always feel sorry for who ever thinks she has a man.. dream on!

thanks for giving me a smile though! and if that guy comes (dishdasha, mizpah, etc) i wish u all the luck! cos u'd be one lucky gal

The Don ® said...

Desert Gurl, instead of describing me, why don’t you just say The Don take me to Ricardo.. Well.. You need to drop the mizpah, I don’t use it.. aaahhh.. oh!! and also need to drop the accent, I have an American one sorry.. I have a four wheel drive but I can’t ride it off road.. So drop the range rover, aaaahhh what else?. I think that is it, the rest is me.. oh.. and I am no price.. no Al sabah family in my blood..:PP

I guess it’s not me you were talking about.. but I still love dogs and not a weirdo esh.. !! LOLOL :P

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for a prince too, Desert, so if you find an extra one don't hesitate in telling me. We are in shortage of princes in here.

Not_Without_My_Heels said...

I love your blog.. I seriously do.. I've read all your posts (old and new) I don't comment though I usually just read, laugh and then leave.. an hour later I'm back again looking for new posts..

So this is about my 8th time here today so I thought what the heck! I'm going to comment and tell you what an entertaining blog you have!

So.. erm, you have a very entertaining blog!

Rock on :)

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Not Without My Heels : Agreed! Oh and love your username by the way :)

Desert Girl : Hallaw! Shlonich? Shakhbarich? :P I just commented on your Ode to 80's post but here's the short version (in case you don't feel like checking back)I almost pissed my pants laughing so thank you for that! Mashkoooooooora :D

Oh and guess what? I finally got off my fat ass and went to the gym which wasn't so bad actually. It wasn't anything Wow-ish though either. I still don't get the whole "I can bench press more weights than you can" thing but I guess that's just a guy thing? Anyways enough blabbing from me (for now) :P

Hope your mom is okay. Take care sweetie, laters!

Grandma Funk said...

I love your blog!

Desert Girl said...

Youse guys are too cool! Thanks for the nice comments.

F - don't know what to tell you. Unfortunately, I have an affection (sickness?) for tall-dark-handsome types - usually of the Kuwaiti genre. I definately empathize with your comments. 3 words: training, training, training!

Don - you ARE my prince, baby! I read your blog and get positive energy. I can tell by your fan base that you are a really great guy. For you, I would be willing to accept a bunch of weeds and drive-through sandweechat on Shaar Al-Mataaem! :)

Gemma - If I find an extra one, I'm keeping him for a back-up! A girl must always have a "plan B".

Not-without-my-heels - Do you mean to tell me that people actually READ my crap??? Amazing. :) Thank you for the nice comments and I love your user name. Bunny always gets mad at me because I have 50 pairs of shoes in the back of my car. He has to dig through them to get to the tool box to fix the clunkers!

D&G - Shloanach inti ya halowich? :) Which gym did you join? I'm still looking for one (okay, so what if it HAS been 3 years?) In high school, I could press 600 lbs with my legs because I used to be out dancing, drinking, and tramping around (yes, in high school - mommy travelled a lot). I could press more than the football players and I loved rubbing that in (although the most I've ever been able to lift with my arms is like 25 lbs). Thanks for the nice words about my mom. I'm worried about her.

Grandma Funk - thanks for the nice comment. I like yours too! :)