Monday, March 07, 2005

Hi. I’m Desert Girl, and I’m an Alcoholic

(Group: “Hiiiiiiii Desert Girl!) It has been 2 hours since my last drink. I ran out of tequila (Yo – thanks again, Cinedude) and I had to mix Khalua with my granola. I figure, it tastes like coffee, so it must be a breakfast drink. Petite brought it over as a gift. That was so cool of her. Got my day started.

The 99.7 Radio Babtain Nissan Jingle:

Who cares for your
And your Nissan vehicle too
Al Babtain, Al Babtain
Who’s always there with great advice to share
Al Babtain
Who helps you drive
And makes you feel that you’re alive

Okay, what the phuck IS that? When I hear this stuff I wonder several things:

  • If I call Al Babtain and say, “Hi, this is Desert Girl,” will they know who I am (they are supposed to “care for me”, right?)
  • If I need advise in the middle of the night, can I call them? (phone 826000). Do you think that if I write to them ( for advice – let’s say on some obscure subject – do you think they’ll write back? “Dear Al Babtain, my dog just yakked up something that looks like a fish, but it has hair. (like that nasty picture on Dire Straits of Kuwait blog) What is your advice?”
  • If I call them, will they send someone out to help me drive? Maybe they can send someone who will shift while I push the clutch? After all, their motto is “Shift” isn’t it?
  • They haven’t made me feel that I’m alive. Buying a car won’t do it for me (I can think of other ways, but how….) Hey – what do those Al Babtain guys look like anyways?

Somebody (you know who you are) did something incredibly kind for me yesterday. He arranged for me to pick it up anonymously and only told me that it was a surprise. This is a fellow blogger and although we’ve been corresponding, we’ve never met. I wasn’t worried (like I might be in the States) about what it was – or where I was picking it up (at a Starbucks from one of the employees). I was kindof worried that he would be there and see me having a bad hair day, at the end of a work day, in pants that make my butt look too big. It was just a really really really nice, kind thing for him to do: he got me the Miami 1996 tape that I was looking for. Now, for those of you who have been wondering if good people (okay, let’s get realistic – men) actually exist; let me just say that there are still a few out there. I hope that someone is able to do something kind for you, dude, and maybe when you least expect it or when you need it the most. It all comes around. God bless you, my anonymous angel. You did make someone very happy.

Does anybody know where I can find a 5 karat diamond? I’ve been looking everywhere…. (hey, it is worth a shot, isn’t it?)

I went out last night with SheeshaGirl, MuslimArtist, and Petite to have dinner at Ruby Tuesdays under the Balls of Kuwait (Kuwait Towers). I have a lovely view of all 3 of Kuwait’s balls (this is reminding me of Bo Jaij!). I never ever ever want to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s again. All we ate was fat and sugar. Yuk. Okay, I’ll admit it – I probably picked THE most fattening item on the menu (the ribs), but still; it didn’t have to be served with French fries AND fried onion thingys and cole slaw. The ribs were totally salty and that blue drink thing that I ordered was reminescent of a blueberry slurpee from 7-11 that turns your tongue blue and puts little sugar sweaters on all your teeth. ew.

It was nice hangin with the girls, though – even though I was almost gonna smack SheeshaGirl upside the head if she continued her ramblings about her latest man (who happens Naz – MY good buddy and friend that I hooked her up with). I don’t want to know what she thinks about the equipment. I don’t want to hear the details. I consider him one of us. He’s never had a gender to me! Why assign one now? Damn. He’s always been Bunny’s Boyfriend to me (they are teezain fi serwal and get along really well – even with a rather large age gap). MuslimA, you are going to hurt yourself, honey, if you keep rolling your eyes like that. It’s not healthy.
Why is it that whenever we girls go out, we always seem to end up at a restaurant full of women? Do I have to tell you how bad that sucks? Where are the men? Would someone please tell me!


Flamingoliya said...

they are eating fat and suger somewhere else.

Not_Without_My_Heels said...

They are all at my house ;)

(umm, maybe not but whatev.)

The Don ® said...

**yawn** ha !! Just woke up, what did I miss? Who is asking about where I went? :P

Bo Jaij said...

At Chillis eating ribs and low-carb salad

Ms.Baker said...
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Ms.Baker said...

Ruby Tuesdays is not great - even in the States the only good thing about it is the salad bar. I prefer CHEESCAKE FACTORY - OMG is that a wonderful place.

Eeeh wallah, desert girl. It sometimes is hard to believe that there are any decent, sincere and non-superficial Kuwaiti men, although I know for a fact they exist. I have seen it with my own eyes. I want to believe! But it's like the J-Lo/ Ben Affleck 5 million dollar pink diamond engagement ring: You saw the pictures of it, you know its real and is really something precious, its now on the market to be bought by serious buyers again. But what are the chances you are ever gonna try it on your own hand, or have the 6 million they now want for it? Do I sound discouraged? Cause I am, especially after this old guy in his late 50's made a pass (?) at me, examining me from head to toe repeatedly, telling me he had wasta up the yin-yang from the highest Sheikh in the country and could get me any lucrative position I wanted. I said: "No thanks *3ammi* (uncle) I don't need anything but it is kind of you to offer to help me as you would your daughter.....
Maybe its my big butt? ;-)

Desert Girl said...

We are all going over to Not-Without-My-Heels' house tonight...

Don, baby, you ARE THE MAN. You are just dreamy.

Bo-Jaij - I just saw an ad for Ruby's in the Arab Times for their "Low Carb Luxery" and where "eating is smart". Chellooooo.... NOT!

MrsBaker - I'm sure that everybody loves your big butt in PuertoRicoKuwait.

Q8's Biggest Loser said...

Hi Desert Girl!, Im QBL and im an alcoholic too....i hit the bottle after i found the hot men.... downtown..... at the YMCA
mrs baker: I envy u n ur like to think if i had one it would make me feel more q8yian

bitzer said...

I had to take a break from the sauce after I realized it had been about 3 weeks since I'd gone a whole day without a drink. It wasn't one of those "need a drink to function" type of deals, but I didn't like the fact that something that I normally like to do, in excessive amounts, as a "weekend" thing had become something of a moderate lifestyle. I suppose it would be different if I had a decent merlot to enjoy at night, but JD and coke or homemade st. ides .every.fscking.night. starts to feel rather sad after a while.

MyBitchIsYourItch said...

as a young, single Indian male born and raised in kuwait, educated in the US and now working again in kuwait; I find it very hard to comprehend the Kuwaiti woman mindset..

No disrespect or offense intended here, but why is it such a crime to be interested in or committed to non-kuwaiti guys? I know tradition, religious , and cultural stigmas lay stringent boundaries on young kuwaiti women, but what ever happened to "pushing the envelope", and believing in something for your life- like love, peace, confidence and adventure? ... I mean, the kuwaiti guys dont seem to have a problem marrying british, russian, chinese or even philipino women, do they?

I understand that kuwaiti women have to respect and abide by their religious laws, but I also think they have gotten too comfortable in thinking that they cannot do any better than kuwaiti men. Maybe Im just blabbering horseshit, or maybe Im spot on- but the fact is that(and I know this frrom having many kuwaiti women friends and colleagues), many of them are not happy in their marriages. Sad but true.