Monday, March 21, 2005

Sometimes God Sends You Angels

SheeshaGirl was discussing how she was out of work for 7 months. (I got her an interview at the place where she works now and I feel pretty good about that.) She said that she was somewhere when she was unemployed and that a beggar came up and asked her for money; she shooed him away and told us, "As if I had any money to give him! I didn't even have a job."

Well.... you know what? God sends us all angels every single day. You don't know what form they may take or how they will appear. I am working double time to find change in my car for the street sweepers who appear and say, "Salam alaykum, mama". I'm going to try extra hard to be kinder to people and do what I can to help others.

In 1999, the love of my life died. A brief 2 months later, I was told (not in a kind way) that a very close bedoon friend had taken his own life. Basically, I was rocked to the core. I took my dog and went down to the beach to be alone. I was thinking about Hilal and how he had come to me several months before, crying, and asking for my help. I did everything I could possibly have done, but of course in tragedy, you always ask yourself if you could have done something more or something differently. While I was sitting there, a pretty Philipino woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I would like to join her and her group of friends to share the fish that they were barbecueing. There were about 4 other women there with their children and we shared a few delicious fish. I'll never forget that day. God sends you angels.

I received some very nice comments here on my blog from angels who have never even met me. I'm going to try to write more positive things.

I guess I'll have to actually go out with some of my crazed friends, so that I can get material to write about.

Oh, which brings me to Petite. Spy Petite called me last night and had the audacity (thanks for that word, MA) to ask me if she could borrow one of my cars for a few days (I think she was aiming for the sports car). AS IF. I told her that they rent cars everywhere in the country and since she has made such a big deal of flaunting her DOD card, she could probably pick one up easily.

I think I will go out on Tuesday, Hailag Night Out, and see what happens. I'll write more then.

Thanks, Angels. God Bless you!


Jewaira said...

So, so sad about Hilal.

Glad to see you posting again :)

And that is what I always say when you feel down or out, stop looking in and look out: when you help others in any small way, you are actually getting yourself out of the quagmire too.

2 Second Club ® said...

*The Don is tap dancing* wohoo.. DG is back.. DG is back.. *more tap dancing ending it with a split*

Up your spirit, job or no job.. don't put your self down like that.. and you do need to kick off your heals and paint the town red as Ross says it.. :PP ->friends junkie

Come out woman.. that's an order.. or I'll make sure that my mob family kidnap Desert dog !! :P (hugs)

A~ said...

I definitely believe in angels, and I think that you are one! You know what I'm saying. Keep your spirits up, girl.. we're all in your corner. So go have some fun with your crazy friends then come tell us all about it. A~

Not_Without_My_Heels said...

You got me thinking about angels..

I think I'm one *modestly*

Ok, maybe not.. But I dressed up as one once, doesn't count?

Umm, Ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi Desert Girl, I am so glad to see you writing again. I hope everything works out for you. You know how they say 'You think it's the worst thing to happen but it's really a blessing in disguise'. Take care, Gail

Truth Seeker said...

DG? An Angel? Devil in disguise maybe;-)


Anonymous said...

Desert girl! Yes, God does send you angels to lighten your load :)
So very glad you are back!